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Wharfedale EVO4.1 Bookshelf Speakers
  1. S

    Samsung HW-Q950T soundbar Bangalore purchase options

    I'm looking to buy a Samsung HW-Q950T soundbar in Bangalore. I've called up a Samsung Plaza and one other home electronics dealer. I've been quoted a price of 1.2 lac Rs. I've seen the prices come closer to 1.1 lac online. Does anyone know where I can get it for a more reasonable price offline...
  2. A

    HDMI to Receiver without HDMI

    Hey, so my Setup is as follows: TV: Sony KD-65A8 (https://www.sony.at/electronics/fernseher/a8-series) Sound System: Teufel CONCEPT E 450 Digital "5.1-Set" (https://teufelaudio.at/concept-e-450-digital-51-set-104762000) Problem: The optical output of the TV is fixed and if I connect it to my...
  3. kapvin

    SOLD Behringer Xenyx 802 8 channel 2 bus mixer

    https://www.behringer.com/product.html?modelCode=P0575 NIB / NOS. was purchased many years ago, when I thought both my musically inclined children would form a band and would jam together. Never got that far, as they discovered computer recording and lay down tracks using a mic and audio...
  4. subhobh

    SOLD 'Google Chromecast Audio' with 'Daiyo' Fibre optical cable.

    **This is SOLD now. Moderator, please close the thread.** I am offering my Google Chromecast audio device with a Daiyo Fibre optical Toslink 1.2m cable to connect with your Dac, along with the original AC adapter and the power cable came with it. Here are the details for specification...
  5. K

    DIY Chrome Cast Audio Streamer with YouTube Support

    Hi, I wanted to share a simple but Interesting project I am working on. A way to stream (Cast) Music from YouTube and Spotify and NAS on to my audio system without having a Smart TV or HT. My audio setup is in a different place from my Smart TV so I could not hook the Audio out from that to my...
  6. haisaikat

    Kolkata Audio Meet (Virtual) - July 2020

    During the last virtual audio meet back in April 2020, we had hoped that by the next meet we would be able to do it face to face. But little did we know that we are still far off and the way its going on, 2021 may be the next possible timeframe in order to conduct a face to face meet. This time...
  7. S

    Subwoofer with crossover intergrated |

    Greetings people, Thrilled to find a forum with audio enthusiasts from India. I was trying to procure KRK 10s subwoofer to go with my KRK 8" G3. I have a Behringer uphoria UMC22. It offers 2 out ports. Been looking for a subwoofer which comes with integrated crossover so that I don't have to...
  8. K

    YDL Plugin for DIY Rasa Player

    Hi All, I have added a long requested feature to DIY RASA player, to play and cache Youtube Audio. It uses the youtube-dl plugin which is not included in the firmware and will be downloaded when you first share a Youtube Link or playlist to the Rasa Remote Control app. The plugin also...
  9. B

    Converting a small bedroom into a dedicated HT

    I'm converting a bedroom into a dedicated home theatre room. My room is 11ft x 14ft. I have a budget of 3.5-4L. i have narrowed down on the projector which is BenQ W1700 for which i have gotten a quote of Rs. 1.42 from a local dealer. The local dealer over here in Jaipur has given me the below...
  10. toolazytowrite

    Looking to buy Shure SM7B + proper preamp to power it up

    Hey, I'm looking to buy Shure SM7B and looking for a dealer in Kolkata to get a trial before finalizing. Does anybody have any clue where to look for? Also, the microphone needs a cloudlifter which is quite costly here in India so I'll need a good PreAmp to power it up to boost the volume...
  11. B

    For Sale [Exotic] Sealed Pack audio cassettes Pack of 6+ Bonus

    Hello Friends, I would like to sell my pack of Cassettes and also have a bonus thrown in for you. The cassettes were brought by hand from USA by a friend of mine, so Quality is quite superior than usual Chinese/Indian Made cassettes that are sold by same names. Some of the cassettes are...
  12. S

    Home theatre setup, have a 49nch tv, Audio setup needed

    Hi Everyone! I'm looking for a home theatre system (audio), I have an LG 49 inch tv and apple tv. Usage - TV shows netflix/prime (daily), HD movies (weekends) and music (every now and then) My knowledge is really limited on home surround systems, as of now I've been thinking of the Bose...
  13. A

    Wharfedale Diamond 240 vs Paradigm Monitor 9 vs Jamo C97

    Hi All While I have been following this forum since a while, I registered today. I am looking for recommendation and comparison between Wharfadale Diamond 240, Paradigm Monitor 9 and Jamo C97 Here is my requirement - primarily for audio - analog music from Turntable - rarely audio CDs -...
  14. J

    Left speaker crackles but it's not the speaker

    this is my first time here but couldn't find answers anywhere from other sites. I have a 2015 Nissan Versa note that I installed 4 speakers into. I then went to Darells car audio to have a 4 channel amp installed for the speakers and a subwoofer with a seperate amp for that. My front left...
  15. Ghostrider

    For Sale Re: Soundstream Car Amp PCA4.260

    Friends, On Sale my 4 channel Soundstream Amp PCA4.260, its perfectly working fine and till now use to power by infinity kappa speakers and components along with infinity subwoofer powered by another mono amp Reason for sale: sold by car and not using addons in new car as of now...
  16. D

    Party audio HiFi system for rarely used living room

    Greetings. My first post on the forum and I trust I will follow the rules. My formal living is used about once in a fortnight or once in a month for having friends over for dinner. Typically 10-15 couples. I would like an audio only system to play some music. Typically jazz and vocals but...
  17. G

    can you tell the difference between 8 bit and 16 bit audio?

    Here is a web based listening test. The 16-bit v/s 8-bit Blind Listening Test, Part 2.
  18. G

    ffmpeg filter for dynamic range compressor

    Many movies with audio down-sampled from 5.1 to stereo result in very low volume for dialogues and extremely high volume for action scenes. In many cases the dialogues become inaudible even if the player volume is raised to the full and action scenes become irritative with the same volume...
  19. Yogesh Khadtare

    Hello everyone. It's my first post! Basshead needs help buying new high end setup.!

    Hey guys am crazy audiophile who keeps upgrading home & car audio systems periodically. I have upgraded 12 car audio setups in same car in last 4 years! Current setup is Pioneer TS-W3002D4 champion pro 3500 watts competition level sub(1000w rms) with double din Pioneer head unit 2 pairs of...
  20. A

    Guide for purchasing home theater

    I want to build my first home theater and I have no knowledge about hi-fi. my room size is 12*12 in which there is a bed 6*7 and the rest of area is for ht. i can't visit the store since i can't walk well after surgery. i can only audition them on the day when i'll be purchasing them. I live...