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audioengine a5 a5+

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    Please suggest Active Speakers 2.0/2.1 - under ?40K

    Hi, I have signed up for some credible advice on speakers which is simply unavaible in the mainstream in this country. 1) I want a 2.0 system, (2.1 will also do) no amps just plug & play active/powered speakers. Between ?20-40,000 2) They must sound LOADS better than Bose 'Signature'...
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    Audioengine A5+

    Hello, Is there a retailer for Audioengine in Bangalore, where I can audition and buy audioengine a5+.Audioengine website does not list any retailer for India :mad:
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    Polk rti a7 speakers for onkyo rt 390 ( 3400) avr???

    Hi all I am using onkyo 3400 system as of now , i am looking to gradually upgrade to much better system but step wise .. I want to buy 2 front speakers as of now like polk a7 and connect them to the onkyo avr and probably buy new avr in3 months ( denon avx2000 or marantz 5006) and then later...
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    Radio noise on the AudioEngine A5+ - anyone else?

    Hi! I've had a AudioEngine A5+ replaced recently because I could hear the radio from it (frequency is 98.5FM). This happened when the speakers are simply turned on - even when there is no input audio cable connected to them. It's not very loud, but it's noticeable in a quiet room. I...