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audioengine a5

Wharfedale Diamond 11.1 & 11.2 Speakers
  1. R

    Repairs done for Audioengine 5 crackle issues

    My 6 years old Audioengine 5 also developed problems like crackle, massive pops and "blow into microphone" sounds When we switch on the unit, there is no noise or crackle. But as soon as a song/audio is played, the above mentioned issues comes up. As there is no Audioengine support in...
  2. E

    Review: Converting burnt Audioengine A5 to passive speakers + Norge 2060 Amp.

    This is not really a usual DIY, but it somewhat fits here. I used to own a pair of Audioengine which started giving me problems around 2 years in with right speaker (passive) producing a wheezing sound for no reason. That was my first suspicion of that the system was on the verge of death...
  3. K

    active vs. passive speakers

    Hi, hoping to start a constructive discussion here (apologies if this is a duplication, I haven't been able to find a thread about this HFV) about the relative advantage of active vs. passive speakers, and if members can share their experiences regarding this.. My journey in Hifi started 4...
  4. Kannan_madhu

    Wanted Audioengine 5 (A5) Powered Bookshelf Speakers

    Looking for Audioengine 5 (A5) Powered Bookshelf Speakers. i am located at Thrissur, Keralam contact me with the price including shipping , if available in Keralam i can directly pick it up Regards Madhu
  5. rraghuram

    Any Audioengine A5 owners in Hyderabad?

    Hello folks, Wondering if I can check out AE A5s at a member's place in Hyd? Strongly leaning towards them right now but just want to audition them before I commit! So, are there any A5 owners in Hyd and Can I check them out at your place? Thanks a ton. Raghuram
  6. N

    Focal XS 2.1 or AudioEngine A5

    I am going to purchase speakers for IPOD and computer. I have shortlisted AudioEngine A5 and Focal XS 2.1. I would like to know which one is better.