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Wharfedale Diamond 11.1 & 11.2 Speakers
  1. amit11

    Audioengine B-FI streamer (not B1 bluetooth)

    Came across a wifi streamer from audioengine B-Fi. Seems to be a product released recently. This is not the bluetooth version. https://audioengineusa.com/product_tech_specs/b-fi-multiroom-music-streamer/ https://audioengineusa.com/shop/adapters/b-fi-multiroom-music-streamer/ Has airplay...
  2. dinesh1201

    For Sale Selling AudioEngine S8 Premium Sub

    Hello friends, I'm selling my Audioengine S8 Sub and the reason is I'm not using it with my M-audios. It can't be connected to my HT as that requires only passive SUB. So the sub has been staying mum and feeling sad perhaps :) Cosmetics: 9/10 | Performance: 10/10 Bought at 24K from...
  3. dinesh1201

    For Sale selling AudioEngine DAC D1

    Hi friends, Hope all is well with you all :) I'm here putting my Audioengine DAC D1 for sale. I've all accessories I got with it. I'd put my Audioengine Premium subwoofer for sale few months ago but it still with me despite of lot of queries and buyers, because the shipment was quite...
  4. S

    Audition Audioengine A5+ in Kolkata

    Is there a place we can audition and buy the audiogenie a5+ in Kolkata? It is sold out in snapdeal and coming soon on flipkart. Any other active speakers worth checking out in the same price range (<50K)? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  5. R

    Audioengine a2

    Want to buy an audioengine a2 or a2+. Please let me know if you're planning to sell one. Thanks!
  6. R

    Desktop speakers: Criteria - Size

    A happy Audioengine A2 user here. No complaints at all, however I guess I am morally allowed to consider an upgrade after nearly 4 years of great relationship. :p So the upgraditis demands a speaker (active or otherwise) that would justify the Hi (in)fidelity of ditching the trusty old A2s...
  7. D

    Help buy Stereo Speakers.

    Hi there, I am planning to get some hi Quality powered stereo speakers to be used with a PC. later on I plan to build a surround sound system using these speakers as front or rear sound source. I had zeroed on two products in my range. Audioengine A5 M audio Bx5A. since the Maudio...
  8. A

    Aktimate mini or Audioengine 5 or other 2.1

    Hi Been around this forum for a while i realised, i dont really need amp+ stereo setup for my 320 kpbs and other mp3 kind of music. convinced that such a setup would be overkill i decided to go for good PC speakers as my use is mainly music and some moveis for a near field use. as...
  9. A

    Desktop Spekaers.... M-Audio AV 40 or Audioengine A2

    I know this is an old topic being revived but i am confused about which speakers to get for my desktop. The reviews and forums mostly place both these systems at par. In india they are both available at the relatively the same price. So which one is better for someone who listens all...
  10. R

    audiophile computer speakers

    Hi, I recently replaced broken Dell Altec Lansing 5.1 ADA995 speakers with klipsch promedia 2.1 speakers. The sound quality for mp3's was excellent with the Dell speakers, however I was very unsatisfied with the Klipsch promedia. Can anyone suggest high quality audiophile computer speakers in...