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Luxman Amplifiers India
  1. S

    For Sale Meridian DSP8000 Special Edition Powered Speakers

    Here is a chance to own one of the most celebrated loudspeakers in history: The Meridian DSP8000 Special Edition Powered Speakers The Meridian DSP 8000 Special Edition is the Top of the Line speaker from Meridian Audio, England. It is a powered 3 way speaker (Tweeter + Midrange + 6 Woofers)...
  2. E

    Chronicle of an Audiophile/Musical journey in the USA (part two)

    Dear Everyone, I wrote a small blog post on my musical/audiophile journeys from when I used to live in the USA. https://medium.com/stories-of-color/a-musical-audiophile-journey-in-the-usa-part-two-bfb0bfead856 This is a successor to my prev post, but easily a stand-alone read. Would love for...
  3. M

    SOLD Symphonic Line RG10 MkIV Reference Integrated Amp

    BACK ON SALE! Moved on to toobes! Still love this amp though, so lowballers and cheapskates beware... Not gonna sell at low grade rates. Also note since imports are getting tougher... Nay next to impossible please be aware that a genuinely prices product should be respected... Dear All, I...
  4. dd.dewan

    New Delhi Vinyl Fair - Spring Edition - March 8th Hauz Khaz Village

    Greetings It is our big pleasure to invite you to the spring edition of the New Delhi Vinyl Fair. Event will take place the 8th of March, in Hauz khas Village, large selection of obscure music on vinyls, cassettes, CDs and vintage posters. (More than 10,000 records). After the incredible...
  5. surendar

    SOLD Technics RS-AZ6 Audio Cassette Deck with SH-GE70 Graphic Equalizer

    UPDATE: ALL ITEMS SOLD!! THANKS TO ALL WHO HAD SHOWN INTEREST AND RESPONDED TO MY POST. Both player and equaliser sold outside forum. For sale is Technics RS-AZ6 audio cassette deck along with Technics SH-GE70 graphic equalizer. Both are top end audiophile products in Technics line up when...
  6. anirudhchandrashekar

    Looking for audiophile grade recordings of MS Subbulakshmi songs

    Hello all. As the topic header suggests, I am searching for the best possible material out there. I am aware of the compromises in the original recording due to the equipment and other factors present in those days, and yet, I am looking for the best in what's available. Any remasters or...
  7. Alfahath

    For Sale SVS PB 1000

    Hello fellow members.. I'm posting my 24days old SVS PB1000. With bill and warranty. Reason for sale: it's too loud and big in size according to my dad . I have a DAF (DAD ADJUSTING FACTOR) problem. So I got sunfire d10 which is tiny and more powerfull. With not much of loudness. I can let it go...
  8. shibuchristy

    For Sale Sold ! HECO The Statement speakers in brand new condition

    HECO The statement . Made In Germany. Bought a year ago . Imported from Middle East. Sensitivity : 93db Frequesncy Response : 18hz to 50khz Weight : 43Kg More than 4 feet height, 7" Alnico mid driver in Open chamber, Super Tweeter. Original Box not available. Got the original Owners Manual...
  9. A

    Good Compact stereo setup below 30k

    Dear All, i like to build a good compact stereo setup for my bedroom( 12x12ft) listening!!amp / BF spkrs am looking to decide! can u ppl pls suggest some of the good setups or combo!! sharing their setup pictures will help me to get more idea !! Thank u
  10. anirudhchandrashekar

    For Sale Preamplifier, Media Player and Center Speaker

    Got the following 3 items for sale. 1. Adcom SLC-505 Preamplifier 2. Asus Oplay mini HD Media player 3. Infinity Video 1 Center Speaker. Adcom SLC-505: This is a very rare passive preamp by Adcom. Adds no coloration to the power amp so it's just pure analog sound. Hand built in the USA...
  11. anirudhchandrashekar

    Wanted iPod Classic

    Looking for an iPod Classic - Preferably 7th Gen and 160gb. If you have one for sale, please DM me. Cheers!
  12. D

    For Sale Magnat Supreme 200 Bookshelf

    Magnat Bookshelf speakers for sale. Practically brand new, listening time 10 hours at most. Deep Bass and articulate sound and quite powerful for its size. Asking price is 16000/- or best offer. Item in Hyderabad. Shipping may not be possible given the weight and size. But can be sent to...
  13. M

    Who Is An Audiophile ... Music Listener Or Musical Equipment Collector?

    Its quite sad to come across many audio enthusiasts who keep jumbling their musical equipment rather focussing on developing interest in listening to MUSIC. I suggest many a friends that GOOD AUDIOPHILE IS NOT THE ONE WHO HAS VAST COLLECTION OF HI END GEAR... BUT THE ONE WHO HAS GOOD EAR ...
  14. anirudhchandrashekar

    Chinese amplifiers and DACs?

    Hey guys, So I settled for the Dali Zensor 3 speakers. Currently running it in my HT setup for run in. Planning to move it into the room soon. Has any of you had any 'wow' experiences with chinese amps and DACs? I am curious enough to try one for the Z3. I usually shop on Aliexpress...
  15. ketanpote69

    For Sale Leak audio st 70 (vintage solid state) integrated amplifier.

    This is an excellent SS amp from the world's best known amplifier manufacturer is simply bristling with exciting new features. It is a well-known UK brand by H. J. Leak & Co.Ltd. London, which allows you to listen to either 4 ohm or 15 ohm speakers. To start with there's the power output; a...
  16. I

    Audiophile setup at budget price

    Hello folks I came across very interesting thread Audiophile-Grade Hi-Fi On A Budget Please add your inputs also.
  17. D

    Needed an audiophile music experience for budget?

    Hello, I'm a newbie into world of audiophile music but i just gone through entry level Hi-Fi systems for a wannabe audiophile like me. I just budget-constrained since im a student and need music for an audiophile quality on budget My current choice is ATH-M50X + Fiiio e10k DAC for 20k. This...
  18. bhagwan

    Audiophile home visit in Ahmedabad ??

    Hello Music Lovers; I plan to be in Ahmadabad for 10 + days. 2nd to 12th [Jan 2016] This is for an Indian Classical Concert Festival. I was hopeful to meet up with some Audiophiles during my stay. I shall be free on all days up to 1900 hours. Therefore if any persons from Ahmadabad would...
  19. Z

    First audiophile setup

    I have budget of rs 20000 and want to build my first audiophile setup with my PC. I have few questions please help me. 1) Should i go for active/passive bookshelf speakers or 2.1 or 5.1 setup? Which one is best for music "hard rock, metal, pop, progressive metal" 2) If active bookshelf what...
  20. A

    Norge 1000 & Pioneer FS

    hi i am selling my norge gold 1000 & pioneer floor standing set up in mint condition. A very good setup and produce awesome stereo music comparable to very highend setups. PM if any one interested. :):)