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  1. A

    Chinese amplifiers and DACs?

    Hey guys, So I settled for the Dali Zensor 3 speakers. Currently running it in my HT setup for run in. Planning to move it into the room soon. Has any of you had any 'wow' experiences with chinese amps and DACs? I am curious enough to try one for the Z3. I usually shop on Aliexpress...
  2. K

    For Sale Leak audio st 70 (vintage solid state) integrated amplifier.

    This is an excellent SS amp from the world's best known amplifier manufacturer is simply bristling with exciting new features. It is a well-known UK brand by H. J. Leak & Co.Ltd. London, which allows you to listen to either 4 ohm or 15 ohm speakers. To start with there's the power output; a...
  3. I

    Audiophile setup at budget price

    Hello folks I came across very interesting thread Audiophile-Grade Hi-Fi On A Budget Please add your inputs also.
  4. D

    Needed an audiophile music experience for budget?

    Hello, I'm a newbie into world of audiophile music but i just gone through entry level Hi-Fi systems for a wannabe audiophile like me. I just budget-constrained since im a student and need music for an audiophile quality on budget My current choice is ATH-M50X + Fiiio e10k DAC for 20k. This...
  5. bhagwan

    Audiophile home visit in Ahmedabad ??

    Hello Music Lovers; I plan to be in Ahmadabad for 10 + days. 2nd to 12th [Jan 2016] This is for an Indian Classical Concert Festival. I was hopeful to meet up with some Audiophiles during my stay. I shall be free on all days up to 1900 hours. Therefore if any persons from Ahmadabad would...
  6. Z

    First audiophile setup

    I have budget of rs 20000 and want to build my first audiophile setup with my PC. I have few questions please help me. 1) Should i go for active/passive bookshelf speakers or 2.1 or 5.1 setup? Which one is best for music "hard rock, metal, pop, progressive metal" 2) If active bookshelf what...
  7. A

    Norge 1000 & Pioneer FS

    hi i am selling my norge gold 1000 & pioneer floor standing set up in mint condition. A very good setup and produce awesome stereo music comparable to very highend setups. PM if any one interested. :):)
  8. A

    Suggestions required for audiophile setup

    Hi all , I am in the process of integrating my first audiophile setup and have decided upon the following combination after my own research and also inputs from some acoustic guys . However , want to run the same by y'all before i finally go and spend the bucks : Room Size : 12ft x 10ft...
  9. B

    Why Audio Isn't Compelling to the Masses!!

    This is a very nice article I read in the poor Audiophile community. Speaks pinpointed about the views of a die-hard audiophile The Poor Audiophile: Why Audio Isn't Compelling to the Masses: The problem of Speakers and the Audio Experience in Big Box Stores
  10. K

    For Sale THX Certified 5-meter 3-channel RCA Interconnect cable

    Interest Check: Listing MX reference series 5-meter 3-channel RCA interconnect cable. Pure audiophile grade, THX certified. Model 2578B. Sealed connectors with screw lock mechanism only found in the most expensive cables. Built like a tank and imported directly by MX. These can compete and...
  11. W

    YK Chan / Audiophile Magazine Nov 2014

    Hello, I live in Hong Kong (sorry English is not my first language) and by far the most popular hifi print magazine is Audiophile magazine. Just got the November issue and the front page had Tara Labs speaker cables on it. I've never seen that before, it's always speakers or amplifiers or...
  12. B

    Closed headphone under 5-6K for use inside office

    This is my first post. So, hello everybody! I believe I have a modest taste in music and can discern at least some of subtleties. But I do not count myself as an audiophile. I do not have much knowledge about audio equipment. Scenario: Will be using with FIIO E10K (sometimes with...
  13. S

    For Sale Oppo 983H -Audiophile DVD player in excellent condition.

    Approximately 6 years old, Single owner, Bought by a relative from US, Used for 3 years and lying unused at Navi Mumbai since June 2011 as I moved to Pune. Reason for sale- Not using it, Working flawlessly and in great cosmetic condition, Have all the original accessories and packing...
  14. cybervinay

    For Sale TASCAM US-144MKII USB Recording Interface - USB DAC - Phantom Power for Microphones

    I am selling a TASCAM US-144MKII USB Sound card and PC Recording interface. I have got it as it can supply Phantom power for connecting Professional microphones which I was using for room correction with my Behringer microphone. I am not using it lately and that is why I have put this up for...
  15. cybervinay

    For Sale M-Audio Audiophile USB Sound card and Recording interface for PC and MAC

    I got it few years back in US when I was getting started in PC recording and also have used it successfully as USB sound card. It sounded very good. It is perfect working condition and good physically for its age. This can still serve as a USD DAC for some one on a tight budget and can also...
  16. L

    CNN article on the death of the Home Stereo...

    The death of the home stereo system - CNN.com I don't necessarily disagree with some of what the article claims, including the trend towards digital files and convenience, but in the *real* world there has been a quadrupling in Vinyl sales in a few years - so I'd have to paraphrase Mark Twain...
  17. subhobh

    For Sale Audiolab 8000A Stereo Integrated Amplifier

    This amplifier doesnt belong to me, but to one of a senior audio video enthusiastic gentleman. His detachment to computers and technology and his humble request to me made me write this sale thread on behalf of him! This is not encourageable atall because of the authenticity reason, Id be really...
  18. subhobh

    For Sale Preamp: Lyrita Audio - Lync Preamplifier

    Offering a Lyrita Lync pre-amp for sale which was originally purchased directly from the owner of Lyrita Audio (Mr. Viren Bakshi) by a gentleman in Delhi before I got it. So, Im the second owner and used it for good half of an year. However, Ive finally decided to move on, so letting it go...
  19. subhobh

    For Sale Audio Zone DAC -1

    Offering my Audio Zone DAC -1 (Audio Zone DAC-1) with an EMU-0404M internal PCI soundcard for sale!!! About the DAC: This unit is the Premium model made on a pine wood block (no casing). Its a non oversampling DAC based upon Philips 1541 chips built by DIY genius Mr. Peter Daniel from...
  20. subhobh

    For Sale KRELL 150W Integrated Amplifier with Remote control

    Up for grab KRELL KAV 300i 150W Integrated Amplifier with Remote control. If you want a taste of the REAL Krell sound at a human price (human considering the rated power output) then the KAV 300i may well suit your needs. If you own lazy speakers, if you prefer visceral impact to tiny...