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Audiolab 6000CDT Dedicated CD Transport
  1. preth30

    SOLD Audioquest Tower interconnect

    Unused brand new interconnect from Audioquest, model Tower for sale. Purchased it to use, but since I am very happy with my present cables, this is lying unused. Anybody want to use, I can give for 1900 inclusive of shipping if any. 1800 for local pickup. PM me.
  2. amit11

    How is RED dragonfly dac

    Hi Friends, I wanted to know how is your experience of the red dragonfly dac from audio quest. Asking because it is a usb dac and most usb dacs are prone to power-supply issues. Because it does not have a separate power supply and uses from the host it is attached to it. So how much does the...
  3. T

    Suggest some power conditioner dealers India

    I need to purchase power conditioner for my high end home theatre setup. Please help me find some dealers in India. Not looking at any brands specifically but the ones best for expensive setup. Have checked Furman, Transparent Cable, Audioquest.
  4. S

    SOLD Chord Mojo

    Chord Mojo Dac and HP amp for sale. Bought from forum member around 2 years back, but hardly used. It is being lying unused for a year now, as I moved onto wireless headphones. Product is in excellent condition. battery life is very good. Have the original box and micro USB cable. Prefer to sell...
  5. D

    Final 5.2.4 HT setup - Suggestions welcome! Budget details inside

    Hi everyone, I am planning to build a dedicated HT with a 5.2.4 setup. My room size is 21 ft x 15 ft x 9 ft. I will use the room for movies, music and games (33% each) Per my research, I have finalized the following: 1) Projector - JVC DLA-NX7 - Rs. 7,20,000 approx 2) Screen - Elite 4K...
  6. M

    Wanted Wanted Audioquest Dragonfly Red

    Hi Fms, I am looking for Audioquest Dragonfly Red, please revert if u are willing to sell at a reasonable price.
  7. ashiz29

    For Sale Audioquest Dragonfly v1.2 USB DAC

    Audioquest Dragonfly v1.2 USB DAC in almost new condition. Purchased in Bangalore. Brilliant for Audiophiles. One year old, used only two times, not much into music now. Bill Available. Selling Price 8,000/- (cheques Accepted) (Fixed) Place: Bangalore
  8. H

    AudioQuest Columbia RCA interconnects

    Hi any member from our forum used the AudioQuest Columbia RCA interconnects looking extraordinary good but not sure what is there sound signature. If anybody have experience please share .................