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audition speakers

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  1. sandeepss

    Mistakes to avoid - 2 channel audio

    Hello friends, When it comes to selecting audio gear for our listening tastes, there can be myriad permutations and combinations in any budget. The higher the budget, the more complex it can get. While avoiding every mistake is not possible, there could be common pitfalls, which can look...
  2. A

    Audtion for Denon X500 and BA Soundware xs 5.1

    Hello guys, I am planning on buying my first Home Theatre. But I'm stuck at this point where you have to make decisions. I need your suggestions for the same. My budget is around 55-60k. The requirements being 50-50 movies and music. I read quite promising reviews for the Denon x500 and...
  3. K

    How to audition speakers

    hi HFV members, I am starting new thread on How to auditioning the speakers (Stereo music only ). I have read some magazines ,they have mentioned that keep all the base,treble in amp to 0 level and audition the speakers of all brands with same volume level . Please help me to...