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Wharfedale Linton Heritage Speakers
  1. H

    Earphone / IEM audition on Delhi / NCR?

    Greetings fellow Indians and Eid Mubarak. Does anyone know where can I audition IEMs in Delhi / ncr? Maybe a shop? Or even a generous forum member? I am exploring IEMs in 20k region. The
  2. Kannan

    Audition of a high end full analogue setup at AV Lounge, Chennai

    The Full Analogue Experience: Some months back, I had written about my experience (review as is called in audio circles) of listening to Xavian Calliope speakers in AV Lounge, Chennai. https://www.hifivision.com/ threads/experiencing-xavian- speakers-at-avlounge.67406/ At that time the source...
  3. A

    In the Darbar of the Darbaris

    A couple of weeks back I was lucky to have heard the Darbaris - a pair of floorstanding speakers designed and crafted by our very own forum member, TCPIP. Let me admit upfront, these speakers look quite intimidating. Their design is unlike something you would have seen in a mass produced speaker...
  4. D

    Pay per hour audition to the best hi fi systems? Is it REALLY possible?

    Hello. Is there any dealers that allow pay per hour audition in their showrooms like pay 200/hour to listen with our own audio files only using their equipment. Think about it, My Dream:- I've just been here like 2 days and spent some time scrolling through the forums and I've come to a...
  5. D

    Audition DACs before buying, possible?

    Hi mates, My creative USB DAC conked off and I'm again in the market to buy another one. My primary source for music is computer. For the time being I'm surviving on iPhone audio and I like the sound from iPhone 4G and so this is the benchmark for the buy. I use M50x (38 ohm) with budget...
  6. S

    Your favorite audio clips for audition of speakers

    Hi All, This is my first thread and please direct me to any existing thread if it exists (searched but did not find). I want to graduate to a good speaker system from my Computer speakers - Creative Soundblaster 5.1 speakers with kxDriver effects :) It did serve my purpose for my kind of...
  7. Y

    Where to audition these Speakers at Mumbai..

    Hii all M going to Mumbai tomorrow for a few days.. I wish to audition Bookshelf speakers for my Marantz PM6003 amp.. (Currently using with Aviano 6.. but moving the Aviano 6 to HT Setup ) I am looking forward to audition these speakers: 1. KEF Q300 2. MS Mezzo 2 3. Monitor Audio BX2...