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av rack; equipment rack;

  1. Fillmore

    AV Racks

    Hi, I am looking for similar AV Racks that are adjustable in terms of shelf height. Do you know where they are available in India ? Specifically Bangalore. Samples Thanks Fillmore
  2. A

    For Sale AV Rack for Sale - Customized.

    AV Cabinet for Sale: Dimensions: Width 25 x Depth 21.5 x Height 48 (Clear outer dimensions) Construction: Made from 15mm good quality marine ply. The outer two sides, rear and top sides are with black colour matt finish laminate while the interior is with white laminate. The edges are with...
  3. Y

    Equipment Rack

    Friends, I am looking for a suitable AV rack something on the lines as attached. Are there any places in Bangalore where I can get something like these? I would be using it to keep CDP, DVD, Amp, Center Speaker, STB, Worldspace receiver etc. Flat panel is wall mounted. Cheers Keshav