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av receiver

  1. T

    AV receiver for PASSIVE Subwoofer!

    I have been hunting for an entry level 5.1 av receiver that supports a passive subwoofer connection. Thus far I have only found the Yamaha HTR 2067 which supports it & also fits in my budget. PLEASE advice about other models available that would support a passive sub connection. THANKS! :):)
  2. A

    Home-theater package suggestion needed

    Hi All, I am new to this form. I am going to purchase a home theater system. Either as as package or as AV receiver and speakers. Kindly suggest some good configurations under 75K. And I am from Trivandrum, Kerala please share any store details available to purchase these products. Thanks all..
  3. S

    Wifi in AV Receiver

    I am shopping around for building HT and my question is on AV Receivers. I see all the latest (and expensive ones) AV Receivers come with built in bluetooth and Wifi. Since I am on a budget I was considering Pioneer VSX-531 which does not have Wifi. Do I really need Wifi? My Sony TV has...
  4. K

    Ideal receiver

    -------------- plz ignore, have reposted with a survey unable to find the link to delete this post --------------
  5. S

    Suggest Good AV Receiver

    Hi All, Thanks for your time. I have Sony speakers. Please find the specs below. Front (RMS) 143W x 2 Center (RMS) 143W Surround (RMS) 143W x 2 Subwoofer (RMS) 285W Please suggest me a good AV Receiver. my budget is around 30k. Thanks.
  6. M

    For Sale Brand new Denon S-910W 7.2 AV Receiver

    Hi All, Purchased in Nov 2011 from Best Buy USA Reason for sale: Mentioned below. Cosmetic Condition : Still in Original Box with all packaging. Working Condition : Perfect 10/10 Price : RS 45000 Shipping: Local pickup only This Costed me Price 632$ ($579 + $53 Tax) Flight...
  7. J

    160w 6ohm 5.1 channel av receiver

    please suggest me an av reciever with 160w rms at 6ohms in all 6 channels. I have a passive subwoofer. so the av receiver should have sub amp inbuilt. not planning to buy an active sub.
  8. S

    Home theater

    I am setting a home theater room in my new house.:confused: (room size H- 315cm, L- 780 cm, W - 315 cm) I got quote from one for the following... EPSON EPSON EH-TW 5200 Rs. 98699 LOGIC LOGIC PROJECTOR SCREEN SPECTRA SERIES 120" Rs.30000 ONKYO 7.1 HT IN BOX HTS5600B Rs.66000...
  9. A

    Speaker Under 50k

    I want to build my first home theater (5.1) slowly. Current budget is 1.3 lakh. Room size is very small (diagram attached) so decided to go with bookshelves. Researched a bit and planned to go with SVS PB-1000 sub. Should I buy Denon x1100w or yamaha rxv575 receiver? However if the 4k...
  10. S

    Dubai Shopping Suggestions

    Hi Forum Members and Dr. Anil I have seen a couple of threads on dubai shopping festival which mentioned some shops and prices. I have relatives visiting Dubai in end-April. I would very much appreciate your help in sourcing the best prices and shops for the below mentioned items: 1. Yamaha...
  11. A

    Receivers, Processors and Pre-amps

    Hi! I am a lot confused between Surround Sound Receiver, Surround Sound Processor and an AV receiver. I understand that a surround sound receiver doesn't have a pre-amp. A surround sound processor doesn't have an amp but just a pre-amp And an AV receiver has a pre-amp and an amp. An AV...
  12. S

    Projector, AVR from Australia under Rs.1 Lakh.

    Hi, First, let me introduce myself. I am Shreyans, from Delhi. I am new to this forum and don't know much about high-end AV equipment. I am really fond of watching movies and TV shows. So, naturally, I needed a good home theatre arrangement for myself. Luckily, my dad decided to reconstruct our...
  13. A

    AVR + Speakers from US

    I know this topic's been done to death, and might not warrant a new thread, but bear with me guys. Just this one time. I'm coming back to India in a couple of months, and was planning to buy a AVR with some speakers. That said, 1. AVR: Does it make sense to buy one from one of: Audio Video...
  14. P

    Help required: Basic Home Theatre Setup

    Hello Guys, After the HT bug bit me some 6 months back, I finally decided to get started with a basic AV receiver and 5.1 speakers. But, as I read more and more in hifivision, more I get confused :o Here is my setup: Room Size: 14x13 feet (bedroom) Display: SONY Bravia LCD 32" Desktop...
  15. S

    Step down transformer for my AVR Sony STR-DN840

    Hi, I newly bought Sony STR-DN840 from US. It works on 120V AC, 60Hz. I need a step down transformer to play it in india, but not sure how much watt I need to consider for the transformer. This is an 1050W AVR, but when I see the manual, it says 240W power consumption. Do I need to buy...
  16. prepress

    Wanted Looking for AVR

    Hi, I am looking for used but in very fine condition AVR (with HDMI) within 10-15K. Any one want to update. Please PM your offers. Thanks,
  17. S

    5.1 av receiver + speaker option for Home Theatre

    I am looking at buying a 5.1 channel AV receiver + a 5.1 speaker system, to replace an old HTIB from Sony. Need to connect a HD set-top box, a DVD player, and other players to this receiver (the first 2 through HDMI). Budget between 40 and 50k. Have seen Yamaha HTR 3064 (connected to Jamo 5.1...
  18. N

    Yamaha RX-V471 (US Version in India) :: FM Tuner tuning to odd numbered channels only

    I bought a Yamaha RX v471 from the US. But when we try to tune the even numbered indian channels such as 102.6, we are not able to as the radio automatically skips to the next odd number i.e. 102.7. We have found out that the US radio channels are odd numbered due to which this may be...
  19. Balaaji

    Need A V Receiver 5.1 with 100 watts under20K?

    Dear All, Kindly let me know any brand A V receiver 5.1 Channel with 100 watts a v receiver.. And my budget is under 20K. Kindly suggest me....
  20. Balaaji

    Yamaha RXV 671

    Hi all, I placed in Chennai and i wanted to know the pricing and dealers for Yamaha RXV 671 a v receiver. Also plz give your feed back on this particular model...:p