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av receiver

  1. K

    For Sale Denon X3000 7.2 Channel AV Receiver

    Hi All, I would like to sell my Denon x3000 which I have been using them for the past 2 years. Its in mint condition. I have packed it in the original box itself. This is a US Voltage receiver. So I will let it go along with the 1 Kva Step down transformer. You can find the specification...
  2. F

    Home theatre system - Denon X1400 and Taga Harmony TAV 606-SE

    First off, I am happy to find this vibrant community here. Having been a member of a very active photography forum, I appreciate the value in senior members advising newcomers. I am looking into purchasing an AV receiver and speaker set for my living room and would be grateful for some advice...
  3. navin_adharsh

    7.1.2 speakers for Pioneer VSX-LX302

    Hey team, This is my first post and it's gonna be long. So if you have a more important task to be done, just pass this on. For other saintly minded helpers, please read on. Just now bought Pioneer VSX-LX302 AVR from HiFiMart. Will get it in a few days. This 7.2 AVR has 9 outputs unlike others...
  4. T

    AV receiver for PASSIVE Subwoofer!

    I have been hunting for an entry level 5.1 av receiver that supports a passive subwoofer connection. Thus far I have only found the Yamaha HTR 2067 which supports it & also fits in my budget. PLEASE advice about other models available that would support a passive sub connection. THANKS! :):)
  5. A

    Home-theater package suggestion needed

    Hi All, I am new to this form. I am going to purchase a home theater system. Either as as package or as AV receiver and speakers. Kindly suggest some good configurations under 75K. And I am from Trivandrum, Kerala please share any store details available to purchase these products. Thanks all..
  6. S

    Wifi in AV Receiver

    I am shopping around for building HT and my question is on AV Receivers. I see all the latest (and expensive ones) AV Receivers come with built in bluetooth and Wifi. Since I am on a budget I was considering Pioneer VSX-531 which does not have Wifi. Do I really need Wifi? My Sony TV has...
  7. K

    Ideal receiver

    -------------- plz ignore, have reposted with a survey unable to find the link to delete this post --------------
  8. S

    Suggest Good AV Receiver

    Hi All, Thanks for your time. I have Sony speakers. Please find the specs below. Front (RMS) 143W x 2 Center (RMS) 143W Surround (RMS) 143W x 2 Subwoofer (RMS) 285W Please suggest me a good AV Receiver. my budget is around 30k. Thanks.
  9. M

    For Sale Brand new Denon S-910W 7.2 AV Receiver

    Hi All, Purchased in Nov 2011 from Best Buy USA Reason for sale: Mentioned below. Cosmetic Condition : Still in Original Box with all packaging. Working Condition : Perfect 10/10 Price : RS 45000 Shipping: Local pickup only This Costed me Price 632$ ($579 + $53 Tax) Flight...
  10. J

    160w 6ohm 5.1 channel av receiver

    please suggest me an av reciever with 160w rms at 6ohms in all 6 channels. I have a passive subwoofer. so the av receiver should have sub amp inbuilt. not planning to buy an active sub.
  11. S

    Home theater

    I am setting a home theater room in my new house.:confused: (room size H- 315cm, L- 780 cm, W - 315 cm) I got quote from one for the following... EPSON EPSON EH-TW 5200 Rs. 98699 LOGIC LOGIC PROJECTOR SCREEN SPECTRA SERIES 120" Rs.30000 ONKYO 7.1 HT IN BOX HTS5600B Rs.66000...
  12. A

    Speaker Under 50k

    I want to build my first home theater (5.1) slowly. Current budget is 1.3 lakh. Room size is very small (diagram attached) so decided to go with bookshelves. Researched a bit and planned to go with SVS PB-1000 sub. Should I buy Denon x1100w or yamaha rxv575 receiver? However if the 4k...
  13. S

    Dubai Shopping Suggestions

    Hi Forum Members and Dr. Anil I have seen a couple of threads on dubai shopping festival which mentioned some shops and prices. I have relatives visiting Dubai in end-April. I would very much appreciate your help in sourcing the best prices and shops for the below mentioned items: 1. Yamaha...
  14. A

    Receivers, Processors and Pre-amps

    Hi! I am a lot confused between Surround Sound Receiver, Surround Sound Processor and an AV receiver. I understand that a surround sound receiver doesn't have a pre-amp. A surround sound processor doesn't have an amp but just a pre-amp And an AV receiver has a pre-amp and an amp. An AV...
  15. S

    Projector, AVR from Australia under Rs.1 Lakh.

    Hi, First, let me introduce myself. I am Shreyans, from Delhi. I am new to this forum and don't know much about high-end AV equipment. I am really fond of watching movies and TV shows. So, naturally, I needed a good home theatre arrangement for myself. Luckily, my dad decided to reconstruct our...
  16. A

    AVR + Speakers from US

    I know this topic's been done to death, and might not warrant a new thread, but bear with me guys. Just this one time. I'm coming back to India in a couple of months, and was planning to buy a AVR with some speakers. That said, 1. AVR: Does it make sense to buy one from one of: Audio Video...
  17. P

    Help required: Basic Home Theatre Setup

    Hello Guys, After the HT bug bit me some 6 months back, I finally decided to get started with a basic AV receiver and 5.1 speakers. But, as I read more and more in hifivision, more I get confused :o Here is my setup: Room Size: 14x13 feet (bedroom) Display: SONY Bravia LCD 32" Desktop...
  18. S

    Step down transformer for my AVR Sony STR-DN840

    Hi, I newly bought Sony STR-DN840 from US. It works on 120V AC, 60Hz. I need a step down transformer to play it in india, but not sure how much watt I need to consider for the transformer. This is an 1050W AVR, but when I see the manual, it says 240W power consumption. Do I need to buy...
  19. prepress

    Wanted Looking for AVR

    Hi, I am looking for used but in very fine condition AVR (with HDMI) within 10-15K. Any one want to update. Please PM your offers. Thanks,
  20. S

    5.1 av receiver + speaker option for Home Theatre

    I am looking at buying a 5.1 channel AV receiver + a 5.1 speaker system, to replace an old HTIB from Sony. Need to connect a HD set-top box, a DVD player, and other players to this receiver (the first 2 through HDMI). Budget between 40 and 50k. Have seen Yamaha HTR 3064 (connected to Jamo 5.1...