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av receiver

Wharfedale EVO4.4 Speaker
  1. debangshuk

    Need Help Setting up Dolby Atmos Home Theater

    I am from kolkata india. I want to set up Dolby atmos in my bedroom. My tv is on one end of the room, bed is on the other end. I will be watching tv from bed. I dont have space behind the bed to set up rear speakers. Is it possible to setup the rear speakers on top at the end of the room, along...
  2. D

    Amp recommendations for Mission QX-2

    My brother-in-law happened to get Covid and is confined to his room right now. He’s a very social person so being confined to his room, boredom is killing him. He’s a borderline AV enthusiast but he’s never seriously thought about getting into the hobby. Being bored out of his mind, he was...
  3. subhobh

    SOLD AV Receiver: Pioneer VSX-523-K (5.1)

    I am offering my Pioneer 5.1 AVR unit which was purchased from Gurgaon, back in 2015, at the cost of approx 26k. It's a fantastic budget AVR with USB audio player support and tuner. So far, it worked well and still working fine without any issues. Anyone who is looking for a budget, but a...
  4. A

    For Sale AV Receiver Harmon Kardon 254

    Available for up-cycle in perfect working condition, have never been repaired. It was bought in 2011 from US. Price expected - 10K, free shipping in NCR Price Reduced to 9K. whats included... AV receiver Remote Manual AM/FM Antenna Detailed Specification - AVR-254 - 7 x 50W 7.1-Channel A/V...
  5. C

    Marantz SR 5012 vs 5013. What's the difference? Technology wise.

    If anyone could help me in ascertaining the difference between the two? It shall be very helpful.
  6. S

    Integrated Amp or AV receiver

    Am going to build my first hifi system. Have zeroed in on the elac b6.2 speakers. Have heard very good things about them. However I am super confused if I should get an integrated amp like the mrantz mcr511 or a 5.1 av receiver like the yamaha rxv485. Would love to hear your inputs on the road I...
  7. Viki

    For Sale Marantz AV Processor & Power Amplifier

    Folks, Up for sale is a wonderfully musical Pre/Pro with Power Amp Combo from Marantz. Marantz AV7005 Pre/Pro 7.1 channel AV Pre, with full 1080p upscaling, high quality DACs, HDAM architecture Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD, Odyssey DSX room correction, 6 input, 2 output HDMI 1.4 Outputs for power amp...
  8. D

    Denon receiver repair referral in Bangalore

    Hi friends, I am new to this forum. Can anyone refer me for a good technician who can repair my old Denon 1509 AV receiver in Bangalore. Its going to standby mode moment you turned on and power/standby light blinking red. Thanks, Dipankar
  9. S

    For Sale Pioneer VSX-1122-K AV Receiver

    Asking Rs. 19,500. I cannot ship. Location of the receiver is at my folks place in Cochin. Buyer must collect. You will have to carry your own speakers if you want to test the unit. The receiver is fault free, clean on the inside and out. Comes with Original Box and Packing material Was...
  10. M

    Yamaha 100W NS SW - Suggest me the best combination

    Im planing to build a theater room. Not interested in Sony/JBL/Samsung home theater systems. Want to actually build one. Here are the things that I shortlisted, please go through this and comment. Sub woofers and receivers are based on my budget. SUB WOOFER - Yamaha 100W NS SW, Pioneer S-51W...
  11. surendar

    For Sale Onkyo TX-SR608 AV Receiver with Maxine 1500W Stepdown Transformer

    For sale is Onkyo TX-SR608 THX certified 7.2 Channel AV receiver/multi channel amplifier in excellent working and cosmetic condition. With original box, manuals and all accessories. This is imported from US and operates at 110V. An optional high quality Maxine 220V - 110V step down...
  12. K

    For Sale Denon X3000 7.2 Channel AV Receiver

    Hi All, I would like to sell my Denon x3000 which I have been using them for the past 2 years. Its in mint condition. I have packed it in the original box itself. This is a US Voltage receiver. So I will let it go along with the 1 Kva Step down transformer. You can find the specification...
  13. F

    Home theatre system - Denon X1400 and Taga Harmony TAV 606-SE

    First off, I am happy to find this vibrant community here. Having been a member of a very active photography forum, I appreciate the value in senior members advising newcomers. I am looking into purchasing an AV receiver and speaker set for my living room and would be grateful for some advice...
  14. navin_adharsh

    7.1.2 speakers for Pioneer VSX-LX302

    Hey team, This is my first post and it's gonna be long. So if you have a more important task to be done, just pass this on. For other saintly minded helpers, please read on. Just now bought Pioneer VSX-LX302 AVR from HiFiMart. Will get it in a few days. This 7.2 AVR has 9 outputs unlike others...
  15. T

    AV receiver for PASSIVE Subwoofer!

    I have been hunting for an entry level 5.1 av receiver that supports a passive subwoofer connection. Thus far I have only found the Yamaha HTR 2067 which supports it & also fits in my budget. PLEASE advice about other models available that would support a passive sub connection. THANKS! :):)
  16. A

    Home-theater package suggestion needed

    Hi All, I am new to this form. I am going to purchase a home theater system. Either as as package or as AV receiver and speakers. Kindly suggest some good configurations under 75K. And I am from Trivandrum, Kerala please share any store details available to purchase these products. Thanks all..
  17. S

    Wifi in AV Receiver

    I am shopping around for building HT and my question is on AV Receivers. I see all the latest (and expensive ones) AV Receivers come with built in bluetooth and Wifi. Since I am on a budget I was considering Pioneer VSX-531 which does not have Wifi. Do I really need Wifi? My Sony TV has...
  18. K

    Ideal receiver

    -------------- plz ignore, have reposted with a survey unable to find the link to delete this post --------------
  19. S

    Suggest Good AV Receiver

    Hi All, Thanks for your time. I have Sony speakers. Please find the specs below. Front (RMS) 143W x 2 Center (RMS) 143W Surround (RMS) 143W x 2 Subwoofer (RMS) 285W Please suggest me a good AV Receiver. my budget is around 30k. Thanks.
  20. M

    For Sale Brand new Denon S-910W 7.2 AV Receiver

    Hi All, Purchased in Nov 2011 from Best Buy USA Reason for sale: Mentioned below. Cosmetic Condition : Still in Original Box with all packaging. Working Condition : Perfect 10/10 Price : RS 45000 Shipping: Local pickup only This Costed me Price 632$ ($579 + $53 Tax) Flight...