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av reciever avr

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    AV receiver with a separate connection for an Active Subwoofer Output

    I have a Pioneer XT303 1200W peak car subwoofer (250W normal) and it's plenty loud for me inside small car, so i wants to connect this sub with any 5.1 HT AV receiver. I don't want to buy one 5.1 home theatre system (package) with 5 speakers and another subwoofer. Am looking for a good AV...
  2. K

    Need expert advice on a 7.1 CH HT system.

    Hi, I am a newbie to the audio world, but want to have a good system in my living room (16 x 18 ft). Did some research on this wonderful site and read tons of expert comments...did some auditioning at various showrooms and finally came up with what I think will be a right fit. AV...