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  1. vikramdesigner

    Used Aviano 6 for 34k ???? worth ???

    Hi guys Is it worth buying(from office colleague) 8 months used Aviano 6 for 34k with bill and 4 months warranty left ??? Actual cost is 42k Pls let me know or should i buy new one ??? Thanks
  2. haisaikat

    Rega Brio R vs CA 651A with MS Aviano 6

    Hi All, I am on the lookput for a 2 channel stereo amp and have a budget of not exceeding 50K. One one side I have in mind the CA AZUR 651A that retails for 43K INR and on the other side I have Rega Brio R. In many online reviews I have seen that CA 651A beaten by rega's hype of course guided...
  3. utkarsh

    For Sale mordaunt-short Aviano 2 with bill & warranty

    Up for sale are 1 months old Aviano 2 speakers in MINT CONDITION / LIKE NEW CONDITION. Reason For Sale : I have planned to buy Towers. Asking Price : Rs19000 (excluding shipping) Original box is available. A good review for these speakers Mordaunt-Short Aviano Speaker System | Sound...
  4. utkarsh

    Velodyne Impact 10 poor performance

    Hi All, I just got an Velodyne Impact 10 and overall im not satisfied with the performance :mad:. I can't listen any thump while playing mp3 & Flac songs. Bass improves when feeding with DTS and Dolby Digital but not upto my taste. I have read some good reviews for Velodyne Impact here...
  5. S

    Mission 34i or Mordaunt short Aviano 2

    I have Norge concerto gold 1000 Amp. what should i choose between Mission 34i or Mordaunt short Aviano 2. Can Monitor Audio M2 be connected to my amp (100W@6ohm). Is Aviano2 worth the 5K more then MA M2.
  6. M

    AVR for Mordaunt-Short Aviano

    What would be best AVR suited for Mordaunt-Short Aviano series of speakers? We are thinking of pairing Aviano with Denon 1911. Would this be a good choice? Also, is there any major change in the sound signature after "break in" period for Aviano series?