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Castle Knight 2 Speakers
  1. haisaikat

    For Sale Cambridge Audio AZUR 650A Integrated Stereo Amplifier

    For sale is my Cambridge Audio stereo integrated amplifier AZUR 650A. It has served me very well since 2012 and still going strong although used sparingly. I am the second owner, purchased from another FM here named Robin Landanson from Tamilnadu which when he was selling was only 1 year old...
  2. vikramdesigner

    Used Aviano 6 for 34k ???? worth ???

    Hi guys Is it worth buying(from office colleague) 8 months used Aviano 6 for 34k with bill and 4 months warranty left ??? Actual cost is 42k Pls let me know or should i buy new one ??? Thanks
  3. haisaikat

    Rega Brio R vs CA 651A with MS Aviano 6

    Hi All, I am on the lookput for a 2 channel stereo amp and have a budget of not exceeding 50K. One one side I have in mind the CA AZUR 651A that retails for 43K INR and on the other side I have Rega Brio R. In many online reviews I have seen that CA 651A beaten by rega's hype of course guided...
  4. utkarsh

    For Sale mordaunt-short Aviano 2 with bill & warranty

    Up for sale are 1 months old Aviano 2 speakers in MINT CONDITION / LIKE NEW CONDITION. Reason For Sale : I have planned to buy Towers. Asking Price : Rs19000 (excluding shipping) Original box is available. A good review for these speakers Mordaunt-Short Aviano Speaker System | Sound...
  5. utkarsh

    Velodyne Impact 10 poor performance

    Hi All, I just got an Velodyne Impact 10 and overall im not satisfied with the performance :mad:. I can't listen any thump while playing mp3 & Flac songs. Bass improves when feeding with DTS and Dolby Digital but not upto my taste. I have read some good reviews for Velodyne Impact here...
  6. S

    Mission 34i or Mordaunt short Aviano 2

    I have Norge concerto gold 1000 Amp. what should i choose between Mission 34i or Mordaunt short Aviano 2. Can Monitor Audio M2 be connected to my amp (100W@6ohm). Is Aviano2 worth the 5K more then MA M2.
  7. M

    AVR for Mordaunt-Short Aviano

    What would be best AVR suited for Mordaunt-Short Aviano series of speakers? We are thinking of pairing Aviano with Denon 1911. Would this be a good choice? Also, is there any major change in the sound signature after "break in" period for Aviano series?