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Wharfedale Speakers
  1. Michelangalo

    Can different impedance speaker blend properly?

    Hi, I was wondering if a 6 ohm impedance bookshelf speaker will blend with 8 ohm LCR speakers? Will it cause any damage to AVR in long term? Thanks!
  2. A

    SOLD [PRICE REDUCED] Anthem MRX 310 AVR (A/V Receiver)

    Have reduced the price to Rs 35,000 Please note that there is no damage to the room eq mic. It is physically in perfect condition. The problem is that my computer is not able to recognize the mic. This might an operating system related issue. --------------------------------------------------...
  3. D

    Reliability of Modern AVR's?

    Hi Folks, NOOB here. I'm planning to do my first Home Theater setup and was doing some research and what I noticed is most of the budget AVR's have the price going North of 35K minimum (which I'm totally fine with) The brands i'm looking forward to is Yamaha/Pioneer/Marantz. My expectation is...
  4. B

    Suggest an entry-level AVR for Atmos

    Hi, guys. I've been browsing the forum for weeks and want to build a good entry-level Atmos systems. I have some ideas, but I need help with choosing the right AVR as my budget is quite tight. My room size is 14X17 feet. I had a basic Sony HTiB with a soundbar which I recently retired. I found...
  5. A

    Hello fellow Enthusiasts!

    Hey all! I'm in a dilemma. I purchased my Home Theater setup for the first time in 2018. After looking at all the options I had and keeping my budget in mind and auditioning at a local store, I landed on Dali Spektor 1's and a Yamaha HTR 3067 to start my journey. After a year or so, I got a...
  6. O

    Need help with my first Home theatre Denon S750h, Polk TL1600, Polk OMW3

    Before i start a humble thank you to all for your help. I am looking to build a personal Atmos enabled Home theatre and i have experience in doing so. In the past few days i have done some research and watched some youtube videos to help me with the Equipment's i need. Room Size: 15'x12'...
  7. Y

    Hometheatre suggestion according to layout(60k(initial))

    Hey Guys, I am new to this part of the forum, having recently purchased 55inch sony x9500g now I'm looking to slowly build a Ht system which suits my living room and also my needs, layouts are at the end of the post. Q1) Is a 3.1 system enough for my needs? There isn't much space at the back for...
  8. umapati

    Denon 1713 giving trouble

    Hi.. I am from Mumbai & I have purchased Denon AVR model 1713+Wharfdale Home theater Model DX-1HCP in 2013 I am facing problems with the Denon AVR which needs service. 1- It frequently switches to Audessy mode automatically 2- Out of 4 HDMI input ports, only one is working. can anyone please...
  9. D

    Amp recommendations for Mission QX-2

    My brother-in-law happened to get Covid and is confined to his room right now. He’s a very social person so being confined to his room, boredom is killing him. He’s a borderline AV enthusiast but he’s never seriously thought about getting into the hobby. Being bored out of his mind, he was...
  10. N

    Firestick 5.1 Audio setup guidance with Samsung AVR

    Hi All, Hope you all are doing well! I have been struggling to find a solution for 5.1 Audio over Netflix using Firestick on my Samsung LED TV. My current setup/connection: Samsung AV Receiver: Model-HT-D355K | 1 HDMI Out and 1 SPDIF (optical). 5.1 Speaker setup Samsung LED TV...
  11. A

    DENON service engineer

    Hi, I need to replace the monitor out jack on my AVR. Have got it checked by the DENON service centre but they were unable to fix it. I looking for any authentic service engineer In Pune who might be able to either fix the faulty jack or replace it. Also, looking for someone who can repair...
  12. S

    Need help with hometheatre setup

    Hello Experts, I am a newbie in this forum and wanted to sincerely post this very basic Questions, for help required in setting up a home theatre system. I am planning to setup home theatre system(5.1 or 7.1 later) in my Living room spaced 15 ft * 13 Ft. My budget is 1.3 Lakhs. Listening...
  13. Michelangalo

    AVR suggestions

    Hi, I need advise in selecting a receiver, one is 7.2 ch receiver and other is 9.2 ch. Currently the pricing is same for both. I wont be building a 5.1.4 setup now but considering 9.2 ch receiver will be future proof if I want to expand. I want suggestion regarding which one would be a best...
  14. subhobh

    SOLD AV Receiver: Pioneer VSX-523-K (5.1)

    I am offering my Pioneer 5.1 AVR unit which was purchased from Gurgaon, back in 2015, at the cost of approx 26k. It's a fantastic budget AVR with USB audio player support and tuner. So far, it worked well and still working fine without any issues. Anyone who is looking for a budget, but a...
  15. D

    How to set speaker levels on AVR ?

    Hi, I recently purchased the following setup: Denon X1400H with Polk RTi A1 speakers. My dealer has asked me not to use Audessy as it’s for home theatre rooms and instead set it up manually. Now I was reading some articles about setting the levels and all of them recommend to use a spl meter...
  16. A

    Need help with 5.1 setup, AVR + Speakers, Budget: 1.5 to 2 Lakhs.

    Hi Guys, This is my first post on HiFiVISION! Even though I am following the forum post for quite some time I never posted anything earlier. :) I have been doing research for a while to setup a 5.1 home theatre system for my living room. The purpose is to listen to music and watch movies. I...
  17. D

    Power for AVR

    Hi All, I recently purchased a Denon X1400H AVR. Now my concern is, should I connect this to an UPS? I have a belkin power surge protector and an APC 1KVA Online UPS. However, my UPS is connected to my TV (LG C7) and PS4 pro, so I don't think UPS will take it. I saw Luminous Zelio+ 1100 on...
  18. V

    Wanted 5.1 AVR + LR bookshelf speakers

    Hi, I am looking to purchase an old AVR. I am sure many of you might have one you're looking to get rid of. The only requirement is that it does Dolby 5.1, DTS and has optical and HDMI inputs. No need for Atmos, more channels etc or high wpc power. Need this for a super cheap build for a...
  19. D

    Comparing Denon AVRs

    Hi, I am looking to purchase an AVR and trying to decide between Denon 1400H and 1600H. The primary differences I see are eARC (my tv doesn't support) and HDPC 2.3. Will HDPC 2.3 be that important for 4k HDR content? Will I have issues playing such videos? The price difference between the two...
  20. F

    Denon AVR x4400H - what should one expect?

    I am thinking of getting a better AVR and want to sell my 1-year-old Denon X4400H. What should I expect to get for it?