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  1. G

    Wanted AVR required (5 channel or 7 Channel)

    Hi Guys, I am looking for a used AVR in great working and cosmetic condition for my HT setup. My current speakers are Wharfdale 200 Bookshelves. Preferred brands include Denon, Yamaha, Marantz. I am based in Bangalore and would ideally prefer a local pick up. My budget is up to 25K. Feel...
  2. N

    New AVR with front pre-outs.

    Looking to get an AVR for KEF R series speakers. Hey There, I've upgraded my speakers to KEF R300s and R200c (getting r200c this week!). surround will be Q300s. The R300s are powered by Marantz PM7004. Currently I'm using Onkyo htr-390 (basic model) with Pioneer Andrew Jones series floor...
  3. Z

    Need suggestion on AVR

    Hello Forum Members Which brand / model of AVR would be suitable to drive my Jamo C 809 front tower speakers ? The AVR should support DOLBY ATMOS. Based on your suggestion I will take an audition before the final purchase. The speaker specs are as below. System Type: 3-way bassreflex...
  4. E

    Wanted Marantz SR series in Good Working Condition

    Hi Looking out for the following Marantz SR series....would prefer to audition and then pick up Mumbai location. Working good condition with remote and supplied accessories. Either of the following models will suffice. SR5009, SR6009 SR6008 SR6007 May consider the following if...
  5. E

    Wanted Yamaha Remote Part Number: WJ409300 Manufacturer ID: RAV311

    Hi The Yamaha remote got misplaced during renovation....i am not able to find this one in the second hand market or elsewhere...i dont want to get a universal remote.... if anyone of you used Yamaha AVRs in the past HTR6030 / RXV361/ YHT280 / YHT380 / YHT685...this remote would work for...
  6. I

    Yamaha RX A-850 AVR

    Hello friends. This is my first post. Im from Pune, currently in Bahrain. Anybody using RX A-850 AVR? How is the sound quality esp. on treble side. Also what is India MRP of the receiver?
  7. Z

    Connecting 2 amps to 1 pair of speakers

    Hello FMs Please help answer one query. Present Scenario: I have a 2 channel amp connected to a pair of Jamo C809 floor standing speakers. The speakers have 2 pairs of connectors at the back. I have connected the 2 channel amp to one pair and the 2nd pair is free on both the speakers...
  8. E

    Wanted Looking Out for Good Condition Marantz SR series

    Hi Looking out for Good Working condition Marantz SR series (5009/6009/7009 models onwards). Would prefer local pick up at Mumbai as i would like to do a thorough check before purchase. I hope the rates for the same is not sky rocketing as X010 model is running for the past 12 months +...
  9. denzong

    For Sale Yamaha Rx v671 AVR

    Hello All, Selling my 3/4 years old Yamaha Rx v671 AVR in perfect running condition. Reason for sale is upgrade of system. There is no issue in the receiver and you are most welcome to come to my place to test it. Do not have any box or warranty left. May have a bill around, although again...
  10. P

    Suggestion please: Planning to buy Denon AVR-S720W

    Hi, I am new to AVR's and HT's. Planning to get Denon AVR-S720W from US to India, any thoughts if it works well india? or any precautions that i need to take?
  11. H

    Need suggestion about good HT cabinet (wooden).

    Hi All, One of my friend's kid spilled water on his Onkyo AVR and it stopped working. Lucky for him, drying the AVR using hair drier magically brought the system live. After this, I cannot take chance of my kid spilling water on my brand new Marantz 6011, currently it is placed on top of a...
  12. H

    Marantz SR 6011 first impressions.

    Hi All, Finally I received the Marantz SR 6011 AVR, posting my initial response after 2 days of listening. My main reason for upgrade is to support new formats like ATMOS / DTSX ..etc Previously I was using SR 6007 which is a really good amp I believe, but 6011 blew me off especially...
  13. T

    Help choosing AVR at 40k range for TAV 606

    Hi all, Need your input for selecting AVR for HT set up Already selected taga harmony TAV 606 V3 as 5.0 speaker As per research and talking with dealer - I have shortlisted 3 AVR for my living room 1. Denon x520bt 2. Marantz NR1506 3. Pioneer vx831 All are quoted as 40 k plus minus 2/3 k...
  14. J

    Can Yamaha HTR 3067 power Klipsch R24f

    Hai all... i have Yamaha YHT 2910 , sounds decent but not that great.. Very recently i fell in love with Klipsch aft Demo. Since very tight budget , i prefer to go for Reference 24F. Planning to replace front speaker from Yamaha with Klipsch R24F. Is that advisable to replace...
  15. B

    Onkyo S5805 or yamaha 2910 or Onkyo343+PolkRm6750

    I cant make a decision which one to choose among these. Their price are almost the same. Onkyo 5805 - support Atmos - AccuEQ - I heard it suck. Ypao is better Yamaha 2910 - Not support Atmos - YPAO Onkyo343 + polk 6750 -Speaker Polk (maybe better than speaker in HTiB) -Not...
  16. R

    Help neededto install 5.1 system

    Hello all... I am new to AV world. I am using AVR yamaha and i want to select speaker accordingly. How to choose speakers comaptible with AVR. example : HTR-367 is an AVR and YST-SW315 is an subwoofer. What type speaker i should choose? Reply me ASAP. also guide me for screen and hd...
  17. S

    For Sale Yamaha v473 receiver for sale

    For sale is my Yamaha v473 AV receiver. Product details here RX-V473 - AV Receivers/Amplifiers - Yamaha - India This is a fantastic receiver and rated as a top pick by Sound and Vision Top Picks AV Receivers | Sound & Vision Ownership history: I'm the first owner, bought it from Music Ranch...
  18. G

    How to resolve red light blinking issue in Denon 1311 avr?

    Hello everyone I have a Denon Avr 1311 which was working fine until yesterday. Watched 1 serial for about 120 min at a quite decent volume and everything went well. Today as I powered it on it immediately went into "protection mode" with red light blinking. I checked on google to look for...
  19. ShutterX

    Choice of AV receiver + Speakers

    I am planning to set up a budget HT. Would appreciate your opinions. Purpose: Gaming and movies only. Location: Living room with TV AVR options- Denon AVR X500 Yamaha HTR 2067 Pioneer VSX 524 (current preference) Speakers options- Pioneer AJ BS22 x4 Pioneer AJ CS22 center...
  20. M

    Help to decide speaker system for Yamaha RX V479

    Guys, I am planning to buy Yamaha Receiver RX-V 479 from the US and get speakers here. Can you please suggest 5.1 speaker systems in the price range of Rs 25K to 35K for me to audition (in Chennai) Shortlisted below (in order of preference) 1. Wharfedale Moviestar 65+ Super 2. Boston...