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avr 70

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    Paradigm CT100 / Def Tech Pro Cinema 600 / JBL Cinema 500

    Hi Folks I have been researching for sometime on which 5.1 Speaker Sets to be picked up for my AVR, however I am unable to reach a decision :sad: I currently have a Harmon Kardon AVR70 which is a 75RMS Receiver and am looking to buy matching speakers for the same. I want to buy speakers...
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    Need advice / suggestions for Home theatre

    Hi, I plan to buy a home theater. The options I am exploring are Receiver - Harman Kardon AVR 70 (price 25k) Speakers Opt 1 - JBL SCS 200.5 (75w x 5 and 100w active SW) - price 25k Opt 2 - HKTS 9 (50w x 5 and 200w active SW) - price 45k (will get 10% discount) Would request expert...
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    Harman Kardon AVR 70 OR Marnatz 1402 ?

    Hi Friends! I am planning to have 5.1 system. I have firmly decided to use JBL 200.5 speakers only. Now I have to decide between A/V Receivers of Harman Kardon AVR 70 OR Marantz AVR 1402 to go with it. I would like to have opinions of experts in this forum, whether I should buy HK AVR...