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Castle Knight 2 Speakers
  1. M

    Tape Deck for recording [Bangalore]

    Hi, I'm Ali, I make music under the moniker io. I have an album that I've been looking to put out as an extremely limited release, around 6-10 tapes in total. The album is about 46 minutes long, and I have empty Maxell C-60 tapes to record it on. But the issue is that I don't have a deck with...
  2. Vivek Batra

    Luxman and McIntosh Dealer in Bangalore

    Hi FMs I am looking for either Luxman or McIntosh amplifiers. Most likely Luxman. I know the distributor for Luxman is in Mumbai same is for McIntosh. But the problem is everything is on order. By any chance is there any dealer/stockist in Bangalore for Luxman or McIntosh. Thanks Vivek
  3. eddie_fox

    Wanted Basic integrated amp - 25K (tube preferred)

    Hi all, A friend of mine is starting out with a basic Hi-Fi setup in Bangalore. He is looking for a decent, well maintained integrated amp (he prefers tubes, but is ok with an SS as well). He is willing to spend around 25K INR. He will buy a pair of speakers after the amp purchase, and...
  4. M

    Wanted Cassettes in Bangalore

    Good morning/afternoon/evening all. I am looking for hip hop/rap cassettes in Bangalore. I am also interested in rock/pop albums. If would be great if anyone can guide me to where I can find cassettes in Bangalore. Any and every suggestion will be appreciated. Thanks!
  5. I

    Wanted Looking for a Powered Sub, AV Receiver and Centre Channel Speaker in budget

    Looking for a Used Powered Sub, AV Receiver and Centre Channel Speaker in budget. Budget: Max 15k Location: Bangalore Details: I have 2 Mirage Nanosat spare side speakers that I want to build a system for my living room. I have a Samsung 2013, 7500 series, Full HD TV that I want to amp up the...
  6. D

    Denon receiver repair referral in Bangalore

    Hi friends, I am new to this forum. Can anyone refer me for a good technician who can repair my old Denon 1509 AV receiver in Bangalore. Its going to standby mode moment you turned on and power/standby light blinking red. Thanks, Dipankar
  7. plasmoid

    Fitness Certificate for motorcycle in Bangalore

    Hello fellow Bangaloreans...I need to get an FC done for my Bajaj Pulsar. Any of you know any reliable driving school in Koramangala RTO who will help me get this done? Thanks in advance.
  8. D

    Repair of Klipsch speakers in Bangalore

    Hi, call me a defensive pessimist. I'm purchasing 4* Klipsch R-15M, 1* RP-250C, SW 12 subwoofer to set up my 5.1 HT system. As I assemble my system, I was wondering if there are any reliable guys who can repair my speaker in case they have issues. I'm getting all my speakers purchased outside...
  9. C

    Hi-End AV Store/Dealers in Bangalore

    Hi , Will be visiting Bangalore in the next week , which are the key dealers who has through understanding of High End Audio and Home Theaters . Ones with single or multiple demo rooms are preferred . Cheers
  10. K

    Latest updates on entrants for big TVs? (60" or higher only)

    Even since it was announced that Philips was going to launch 65" FHD at 60K and 65" UHD at 70K exclusively with Amazon, I've looked for them almost every week but it seems all news around it goes back to the press releases from the first week of August. I'd also heard of LeEco acquiring...
  11. V

    For Sale Epoz Aktimate Mini+ Active Speakers

    Looking to sell a pair of Aktimate Mini+ Active Speakers. Cosmetic condition: 9.5/10 near mint, they have no scratches or general wear and tear marks Functional condition: 10/10, good as new I compared them to Swans, Audioengine etc and found the Aktimate is a much more clean sound...
  12. R

    Floorstanders under Rs. 50000

    Hello Experts I'm looking forward to stepping into the world of good sound and shortlisting good FS' under 50K INR. I'm the nomadic type and change residence every two years so I don't want to limit myself to BS, meant for smaller rooms. Moreover, I like the way FS sound over BS any day...
  13. K

    Best prices for custom-built projector screen (AT) in Bangalore?

    #2 - Best prices for custom-built projector screen (AT) in Bangalore? Where do I find a 12' x 8' Acoustically Transparent (AT) projector screen, in white, with 1.3 Gain, in Bangalore? Now, since my room is 18' wide and 8.5' high, I was thinking of a max screen size of 12' wide and 8' tall. I...
  14. A

    xbox mod in bangalore

    Hi guys I just bought my xbox360E model. I would like to mod it. As I'm new to this place.Please kindly help me.I stay near MG Road.
  15. S

    Looking for Tannoy VR surround speakers in Bnglr

    Hi, I am looking for Tannoy VR Surround speakers in Bangalore to complete my setup. Preferably in Dark Walnut colour. Please PM me if any forum members are planning to sale / Open to explore other city options as well.
  16. E

    For Sale Oppo BDP-105 Blu Ray Player - As good as New

    Hello Forum Members, Up for sale is an almost new Oppo BDP-105 Blu Ray Player. This is a non-Darbee edition, still with stickers on, accessories intact and comes with its own box. It has been used all for less than 10 hours. This is a universal player with two kick-ass DACs (ESS-Sabre)...
  17. M

    Suggest a good dealers in Bangalore

    Please suggest a good dealer for Amplifier / HT / Speakers In Bangalore . More near to Whitefield
  18. W

    Renting a Turntable - Bangalore

    Hi there, Need some help here. Any idea where one could rent a TT for few hours in Bangalore ? I checked with local audio/video hiring companies and they don't seem to carry a TT. Any leads would be much appreciated. Thanks,
  19. J

    alternative for marshall major 2

    hello well Marshall major 2 isn't available in India but i really really like it and want it , due to past experiences with my country's stupid custom laws i dont want to order from their website. any body know where i might find these headphones in bangalore ? or i would like to know any other...
  20. H

    Vaishali Electronics Jayanagar , Bangalore

    Hi friends, I visited this shop name Vaishali Electronics in Jayanagar Bangalore. It was a small shop and he claimed to be a whole-seller and hence the justification for mind blowing prices. I am planning to buy Sony KDL 42W700B and he is giving me a price of 55k , which is lowest i could...