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Wharfedale Evo 4.2
  1. T

    Buying my dream subwoofer: 1-1.5 Lakhs

    Dear FMs, Please see the current list of equipment I own. I love the sound I get from these but it's upgrade time. I got this equipment after a lot of advice & help from FMs and it served me really really good. So I am back for more :* Want to buy my dream subwoofer. Will spend atleast 1 Lakh...
  2. Amit sharma 1985

    Need a active subwoofer in good condition and price.

    Hello friends, required a 12"inch to 15"inch active subwoofer in good condition and price. Interested in SVS , REL , VELODYNE , JL AUDIO. but also go for other hifi brand .
  3. Alfahath

    For Sale SVS SB-1000 , SUNFIRE D10 AND BOSTON CR 400.

    For sale - SVS SB 1000 in perfect condition. Driver | 12" Amplifier | 300 watts RMS (720 watts peak) Freq. Response | 24-260 Hz ±3dB Dimension | 13.5" (H) 13" (W) 14" (D) Weight | 27lbs Selling price: 52000. PURCHASED DATE AUGUST 2018. UNDER WARRANTY. Reviews...
  4. E

    BIC America Speakers SubWoofers Owners Thread

    Hi Since we have a thread for almost all brands and products, did not find one for BIC America which has now become a recent craze for most....at least for me its 3 years since i am using this brand. This will help existing users to post their experience and challenges...also serves as a...
  5. B

    Improve the Bass Punch of Your Subwoofer

    Improve the Bass Punch of Your Subwoofer by bhvm Improve the Bass Punch of Your Subwoofer EDIT- Unable to upload Images or PDF as the limits are absurdly small. Use this link for better details- https://www.instructables.com/id/Improve-the-Bass-Punch-of-Your-Subwoofer/ Everyone loves...
  6. amit11

    Want the same bass again

    Hi Friends, I have observed in my system after introducing tube buffer. When the tubes are the stock tubes, the low end / bass is present. When I put NOS Sylvania tubes, the low end goes away. So far ok. I prefer the sound via the NOS tubes, but the only thing is less bass and punch. I...
  7. A

    Low sound on my new Yamaha YST-SW012 subwoofer

    My main question is do i need to purchase new Receiver or some pre-amp or Fiio amplifier? My system -->> Philips MCD-290/98 with 2 bass reflex speaker(15w RMS each), It has "subwoofer out" labelled port(RCA Type). Also in the manual its written that it is for connecting Active Subwoofer...
  8. Yogesh Khadtare

    Hello everyone. It's my first post! Basshead needs help buying new high end setup.!

    Hey guys am crazy audiophile who keeps upgrading home & car audio systems periodically. I have upgraded 12 car audio setups in same car in last 4 years! Current setup is Pioneer TS-W3002D4 champion pro 3500 watts competition level sub(1000w rms) with double din Pioneer head unit 2 pairs of...
  9. S

    Tracks to test your subwoofer

    The two recent songs that have exposed slow subwoofers - 1. Dil tu hi bata from Krrish3 2. Gandi baat from R..Rajkumar All the polk subwoofer's failed to keep up with the fast mid-bass. Ditto with my Klipsch. I was stunned when i heard the same songs with a Focal SW700 - not a hint of...
  10. B

    JBL CS1215 Subwoofer [Honest Review] for Car and Home audio

    Hello Friends, Today we will be reviewing a Simple, Budget Subwoofer that goes by the name of JBL CS1215 or CS1215B. I was looking for a Pocket friendly, Sealed Woofer for my car and home use. I found this JBL woofer for quite a bargain at around INR 4k. The Woofer came with Factory designed...
  11. A

    help for acoustic treatment

    hi, ive purchased the paradigm speakers, but still hearing heavy base in the room ( especially the corners :mad::mad: need some suggestions to fix them
  12. J

    A very basic question on bass reproduction from Floor Standers

    Friends I have Kef iQ7 FS. I always felt that it didn't have any bass. I was playing it with Denon 2310 AVR and felt that was the reason for low bass from the speakers. I always had to use a sub woofer to get any bass from my system. 2 days ago, I got an Acoustic Portrait NJ1 dual mono power...
  13. Santy

    Home-made Acoustic Panels!

    I got a limited quantity of Glasswool from some source and decided to put it for good use. And I am glad I tried it. The difference it has made is quite amazing. I now doubt if people who endlessly upgrade their audio system without focusing on acoustic correction of their room, are going in the...
  14. B

    For Sale Edifier M3300 2.1 Speakers

    Edifier M3300 2.1 channel speakers -With Bill and 7 and a half Months warranty remaining(completely filled Warranty Card , Signed and Stamped by dealer) - Scratchless Piano Black plastic on the speakers, cling film still attached :p - 4 and half months sparingly used. Features - Sleek and...
  15. P


    Hi all, I'm sure most of you may already know that I'm trying construct my first ever audio setup. But I've hit a road block even before i could gain any momentum.. This question will be a little tricky to answer and even worse for me to explain in words.. let me try my best and I sincerely...
  16. J

    Denon 2310 with Kef iQ7 Stereo setup issue

    Dear all, I recently purchased Denon AVR 2310 and Kef iQ7 (fronts). After doing a lots of audition and striking a good deal on Kef iQ7 (old model, now its iQ70), I chose this package. I have been using this for past 10 days. Might have run in the AMP and Speakers for around 30-40 hours so...