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Wharfedale Diamond 12 Series
  1. amit11

    quality of power and quality of sound

    Hi Friends, Recently i had opportunity to try out 'how power quality affects sound quality'. The opportunity was not across all scenarios, rather it was limited to digital conversion. e.g. DAC where digital is converted to analog signal DDC where digital is converted to digital again In both...
  2. amit11

    Linear power supply vs battery power for DAC

    Hi Friends, I got a NOS DAC today and it came with its normal power adapter. I have read that linear power supply to a DAC can result in improvement of the sound. So my question is, should i try another power adapter (having linear power supply)? I also have one small RouterUPS, i.e...
  3. cybervinay

    For Sale HyperJuice Plug+ 18000mAh Dual USB Battery Powerbank

    For Sale - 18,000mAh lithium ion battery power bank Hyperjuice is a Lithium-ion battery that allows you to charge two USB devices simultaneously. It has a capacity of 18,000mAh that can charge any USB device on-the-go with up to 2.4A of power per port. The battery features a retractable wall...
  4. haisaikat

    Batteries vs Linear PSU for DAC

    I was going through various reviews online of JKDAC32 where someone commented that it sounded as if like his analog TT. Detailed specs of the JKDAC32 (now it is superceeded by a newer model) reveals that it draws its power entirely from a built in battery for cleaner power and a charger tickle...
  5. A

    LED lamp/spot light with battery power

    Hi, I am faced with situation at 2 places in my home, where I need/have a LED lamp/spot light (ones that go in entertainment units/side panel) but dont have a power socket close by and keeping a wire hanging will spoil the entire look. Anyone has ever powered a LED or a spot light with a...
  6. V

    Recyle of Laptop Battery. Any Thoughts?

    After getting a new battery for my Toshiba Laptop last week, I want to get rid of 5 years old (OEM) and now completely out of juice. I just don't want to "Dispose Off" keeping intact my Eco friendly behavior:p although it will be a few seconds job. Looked at Toshiba India site but could...