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Wharfedale Diamond 12 Series
  1. soulforged

    For Sale My Entire Setup!!! [Harbeth, Benchmark, Lenco, Naim...]

    It took me years of experimenting (and of course saving) to build the system I could settle down with. But life apparently has different plans for me. So with an international relocation looking imminent, I, with considerable regret, am putting up my entire setup for sale. :( I still have some...
  2. soulforged

    Benchmark DAC1 Closeout Sale

    Benchmark is having a DAC1 closeout sale on their website - Benchmark Media Systems, Inc. - DAC1 Closeout While they have moved on to DAC2, the DAC1 family pretty much set the benchmark (no pun intended) in well specced out converters. Thought someone might be interested :cool:
  3. jls001

    Benchmark Guide - setting up Foobar2000

    An interesting how-to article by Benchmark (the DAC guys) on how to set up Foobar2000 for a Windows machine: here.
  4. soulforged

    Any Experience with Benchmark DAC1 USB?

    Hi, From all that I've read, Benchmark DAC1 USB has established itself as an outstanding piece of hardware. Does anybody in this forum have had first hand experience with this DAC? Also considering that this is a slightly older model that was released some years back, would it still stand...