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Castle Knight 2 Speakers
  1. F

    Seeking firmware BenQ SH940

    Hello every one.. Friend brought to me this Projector with fault when plug it in wall socket all LED Power Temp Lamp turn on red for 2-3 second then the Power turn orange. by pressing power key power led change to green blinking several time then Fans run then Lamp led turn on blinking Red fans...
  2. seshboxhq

    New Home theatre setup advice

    Hi people, I'm building a dedicated theatre room in my new home which is roughly 13 ft wide and 15.2 ft in length. I know its a little small but this is all i had to work with. People in the city are suggesting all sorts of systems and it has got me confused as shit. Through some online...
  3. S

    Suggestions for a Projector for a Home theater Epson tw5300/ Benq1110/ Benq 2000

    Hi guys I am a complete noob when it comes to projectors and I am looking to buy a projector for a Home theater. I have been suggested to go with either Benq1110 or Epson tw5300. Which one would you recommend and why? Also is the extra money for benq2000 or tw6600 worth it? The room can be made...
  4. S

    5.1 system - need recommendations (KEF/Polk/Elac)

    Friends, Just now subscribed to this forum and am pretty new to AV world, looking out for options for last 2 weeks. Experts, need guidance please ! Location: Chennai. Dedicated room (11 feet wide and 21 feet length) in individual home. Requirements : Looking to setup a 5.1 home...
  5. D

    suggest screen for Benq W1070

    Hi, My room is having 12' distance from sitting position to screen and max 7.5' wall where I can put my screen. Planning to get Benq W1070 projector and a 90" pull down screen that I'll put on the 7.5' wall. Room gets less than normal ambient light and is fairly dark during day as well...
  6. S

    Benq projectors available in Reliance Digital

    Hey folks, Just thought some of you might want to know. I saw Benq projectors (a mini section iteself) in Reliance Digital. Price put up for 1070 was Rs. 99,900 or so. This is significant for the following reasons - 1. Availability almost everywhere 2. Original, guaranteed and damage free...
  7. T

    Advice needed on 7.1 AMP and Projector

    Hi, I have currently got a Hitachi 720 P projector, Yamaha 2700 amp, Def Tech speakers 7002, CLR 2500 and compatible rears of Def tech, also a Sony Blu ray. Its time for a system upgrade and I need advice. Is there a need to upgrade the speakers or the amp/ Im tempted by the 4K upscaling and...
  8. N

    Lowest price to import a Benq W1070

    This is my first day here on hifivision, I landed here while checking out a Pani ST50 review. After few comments, posts and this vdo benQ w1070 projector review demo hd - YouTube I got convinced to trade up to a PJ and found out Benq W1070 is a modest pick at a $1000(INRs.54000) range. I...
  9. denzong

    Wanted Power cord for Benq Projector

    I have a benq projector MP 611c. the power cord has been damaged and i need a replacement for the same urgently. if anyone has it or can help me buy it in mumbai/pune i would be highly obliged regards