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bic america

Wharfedale Diamond 11.1 & 11.2 Speakers
  1. B

    BIC America Venturri VK-12 Sub-woofer blowing fuses...repair options?

    I bought a BIC VK-12 a about 10 years back from the US. However, I could never use it until recently. I set it up in January this year, and it sounded great while it lasted. One fine morning a couple of weeks back, it didn't turn on at all. I thought the fuse is bad, but it kept on blowing fuses...
  2. A

    Need Help! SVS PB 1000 OR Polk Audio DSW 660wi OR HTS 12 OR BIC PL-200 ii

    My Current Setup: 5.0 Front: Wharfedale diamond 9.5 Floorstanding Speakers Rear: Wharfedale diamond 9.1 Bookshelf Center: Wharfedale Diamond 9.CS AV Receiver: Pioneer VSX-522 Before this, I had Logitech Z906, so quite a big jump for me personally as far as my budget goes. Now looking for a...
  3. A

    Paired BIC America PL200-ii With Yamaha 1840 model

    Hello Guys, Need help and your expert advice again, I had a Yamaha 1840 model & paired it with BIC America PL200-ii using the sub out option. The results with BIC America PL200-ii are awesome.. but since I had a older model that is Yamaha 1840, There no different setting for 2nd SUB. I only...
  4. vicky_crispy

    Wanted Speakers and sub needed for 5.2.2 or 7.2.2 Dolby Atmos Setup

    Hi Guys, I am an enthusiast on a budget trying to build my first home theater setup. I was earlier using a Logitech Z5500 and currently own Logitech Z623. I recently purchased a LG C8 55" OLED TV, while I already own an Xbox One X. Hence the itch to get a full fledged home theater has started...
  5. Akshit2111

    Subwoofer poll

    Guys Give your votes! Please do mention a few words about your choice. It'll help me narrow down my search :) Room is 13×12×9---1404 cubic feet My placement of hts is in the breadth of the room rather than length of the room. If asked i may share the pictures.
  6. K

    what would u recommend- Dali Vs Klipsch

    hi to all audio guru's. plz help me decide speakers for living room before i start audition in the weeks to come in chennai. plz help me find the right setup. room size - 18 ft * 22 ft usage - 80% movies & 20% music budget 1.2 L future proof esthetic appearance of speakers is also...
  7. K

    Spoilt for Choices- Help a newbie in setup his 1st HT

    Hi everyone. This is my first post & i like to thank every member of this forum to have helped me understand the nuances of setting up my 1st home theatre. It all started a few months back when i listened to paradigm audio speakers at my friends place. Thats when i realised that i was missing...
  8. R

    Home Theater Under 50k

    I want to buy a new home theater for my room which is 20x15 ft. I am thinking of a basic avr, 5 speakers and a powered sub at least a 10incher. Can any one suggest me a good system for music:movies ratio 40:60. I have been in the forum looking at many FM's suggestion to newbies. I don't want to...