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Mogami Cables
  1. B

    BIC America Venturri VK-12 Sub-woofer blowing fuses...repair options?

    I bought a BIC VK-12 a about 10 years back from the US. However, I could never use it until recently. I set it up in January this year, and it sounded great while it lasted. One fine morning a couple of weeks back, it didn't turn on at all. I thought the fuse is bad, but it kept on blowing fuses...
  2. P

    Suggestion for 5.1 Setup

    Hi, I am planning to setup my first 5.1 home theater. I have been waiting for this from long time finally I decided to buy one. I am planning to setup my HT in dedicated room and the room size is 10W X 10L X 9H. I have auditioned Polk, KEF, Klipsch, Monitor Audio, Jamo. Out of which I liked the...
  3. E

    BIC America Speakers SubWoofers Owners Thread

    Hi Since we have a thread for almost all brands and products, did not find one for BIC America which has now become a recent craze for most....at least for me its 3 years since i am using this brand. This will help existing users to post their experience and challenges...also serves as a...
  4. abhay2603

    Which Subwoofer to buy with Yamaha RX-V479 + ELAC Debut B6

    So i have decided to upgrade my audio setup. And i want to eventually build something exciting. But spending so much on a dream system all at once is a problem. So i though i will buy good equipment in stages. I listen to a lot of music and watch Movies as well. I have A gaming PC which i...
  5. R

    Home Theater Under 50k

    I want to buy a new home theater for my room which is 20x15 ft. I am thinking of a basic avr, 5 speakers and a powered sub at least a 10incher. Can any one suggest me a good system for music:movies ratio 40:60. I have been in the forum looking at many FM's suggestion to newbies. I don't want to...