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biwire biamp binding post

Audiolab 6000A Amplifier
  1. anirudhchandrashekar

    Biamping help and opinions

    Hi all. Just wanted to know the optimum way to bi-amp speakers. Had this signal chain in mind - DAC -> Analog in of an Integrated amp. The binding posts of the IA will drive LF of speakers and preouts from the IA will connect to a pro amp (with gain control) needed for the headroom and LF...
  2. corElement

    Are you confused over bi-wiring, jumpers & dual binding posts?

    Fear not! Here's a little Jugadr I've been using for the last couple of months which a lot of you may or may not be familiar with. Banana jack, spade users & bi-ampers beware! This may be too low class a solution! How it's done: 1. Measure how much exposed wire you need / how much...