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blu ray

  1. E

    Wanted Decent Blu Ray Player

    Hi Looking out for the following Blu Ray player...either brand or model..in good working condition....Region Free would be a blessing..else Region A Marantz UD7007 Cambridge Audio CXU or older models... Oppo 103 or 103D Based on its condition and warranty availability (if any) and...
  2. E

    Wanted OPPO 103 Blu Ray Player

    Hi Looking out for a pristine condition OPPO 103 Blu Ray player...preferred Region Free.... I saw other older models available and would like the 103 model due to its connectivity options... Should have all the accessories along with it. I am sure those owning such players would have...
  3. E

    For Sale Oppo BDP-105 Blu Ray Player - As good as New

    Hello Forum Members, Up for sale is an almost new Oppo BDP-105 Blu Ray Player. This is a non-Darbee edition, still with stickers on, accessories intact and comes with its own box. It has been used all for less than 10 hours. This is a universal player with two kick-ass DACs (ESS-Sabre)...
  4. ishu2212

    Blu-Ray Home Theatre

    Dear HI fi Technocrats..!! I wanna buy a Blu Ray 5.1 ch Hometheatre in 20-25 K range... I have a Panasonic 39"LED.. which has 2 HDMI and one digital audio out , I am using this with Videocon D2H. Since videocon has started giving Dolby Digital 5.1 in a few of channels , which product would...
  5. prepress

    Amazon India : Blu- Ray Offer

    40% Off on selected titles, after adding the titles; click on ESTIMATE YOUR SHIPPING and get additional 10% off on Amazon fulfilled blu-rays, TOTAL 50% :yahoo:
  6. J

    How to Bypass audio from blu ray to AV receiver to decode it.

    Hello friends, i recently bought an orei BDP-M2 region free blu ray player. i connected it to my Marantz sr5007 receiver via HDMI. Now the problem is i want the receiver to decode the sound and not the player. I checked the seeting of the Blu ray and nowhere could find the audio setting. so...
  7. S

    Why do my DVDs play louder than Blu rays?

    Hi, On my system (see signature), DVDs play much louder (can't say better but they almost sound the same in quality) than blu-rays. This is especially true of recent DVDs. I haven't tried apples-to-apples with dvd and blu-ray of the same movie but more movies i watch the more i am convinced...
  8. R

    Panasonic BDT 230

    Hi, Has anybody knows about this model?. Went to Panasonic showroom- chennai. They said that 230 is available at around Rs.11,500. Any views?
  9. K

    For Sale Rotel RA 1520 Stereo Integrated Amplifier and Oppo BDP-93

    For sale are the following items which are in mint condition and hardly used as I had to travel overseas soon after these purchases. I would be traveling again in a quarter for even more longer duration and don't want to rest them throughout. 1. Rotel RA 1520 Int Amp with remote One Year...
  10. prepress

    Buy any 3 Moser Baer Blu Ray @999

    Hi, Today I visited a local Music/Movie store and saw an offer on all Moser Baer Blu Rays, Buy 3 Blu Rays @999/- And the titles were: Fashion, Kaminey, Shaitan, Jab We Met, Khichdi, Pyaar Ka Punchnama, Delhi 6, Oye Lucky Lucky Oye, A Wednesday, Bhoothnath, Dev D, Blue, Action Repplay, All...
  11. V

    Sony BDP-S1100 Plays FLAC!

    If you check India site, it is silent on FLAC play buy the same model in US plays FLAC. Confused whether this plays FLAC or not. Anyone who has any experience on this?
  12. A

    Region A Blu Ray Player in Bangalore

    Hello, Does anyone know where/if I can get a region A (USA) Blu Ray Player in Bangalore? Any store in SP Road? Thanks for your help. ASJ
  13. rahulmr

    Need centre ,front ,surround speaker set for Yamaha

    Hi everyone , I am new to this forum and I was searching all over for a set of centre,surround speakers for my Yamaha receiver rxv 365. I am already having Sony sub woofer with me ,which is the saw-2500 . I got the receiver and sub woofer from us two yrs back , but could not get the...
  14. S

    James Bond: Complete 22 Film Collection

    I just pre-ordered this boxset on amazon uk for 75 euro ( post VAT deduction ) and free sheeping . It will be released in October 2012. Time to start saving / James bond relief fund. Bond 50 Blu-ray Collection Pre-order James Bond - Complete 22 Film Collection Blu-ray 1962: Amazon.co.uk...
  15. B

    Making LG BD550 region free

    Dear all, I recently bought a new Blu Ray player LG BD550 as a combo deal with a Yamaha YHT-294. I am facing the Check Regional Code message even for DVDs taken from British council. I want to make it region free since I have a big stack of DVDs. I have tried some of the solutions given...
  16. nindo

    AV Receiver upgrade

    Hi pals, New to the forum, but not so new to the AV/HiFi world. Have been using this set up for quite some time now: TV: Samsung 40" 5 Series 2008/9 model FullHD LCD AVR: Yamaha RX-V457 Front/Music: Sonodyne Sonus 2605 (old version) Centre: Sonodyne Sonus C2401 V2 (bought about a...
  17. K

    where to buy modified region free blu-ray players in Mumbai?

    Hi all, wondering where to buy modified region free blu-ray player in Mumbai? and what will the suggested models (ideally a 3D one)?
  18. denzong

    Wanted Dune HD Center

    Hi All, i am looking for a Dune HD center Dune HD Center please have a look at this link for further clarifications. would request a quick and an earnest quote regards amit
  19. muradasa7

    Should i get the Oppo BD 83 multi region now?

    Hi..I presently have a Sony BDP S370 and a PS3 to take care of my Blu ray needs. Yesterday my Sony S370 refused to read any disc and has gone for warranty repair. I was shocked by this turn of events in so short a time and am seriously looking at getting a Oppo BD 83 or an Azur BD 650 . Do you...
  20. kapvin

    For Sale The great AV sale - part 6 - HD-DVD/BD HTPC

    another unreasonable order from the high command - now that you have an xtreamer Pro, get rid of at least 1 HTPC so here goes Blu-ray+HD-DVD+DVD playback HTPC Intel dual core 45nm E5200 2.5GHZ oc'd to 3.33 ghz 4 GB RAM 750 GB HDD iball 308 case GA-EG43M-S2H (rev. 1.1)motherboard LG BD-rom/...