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blu ray player

Wharfedale Diamond 11 Series
  1. R

    Wanted Blu Ray DVD Player

    Hi - looking for a Blue Ray DVD Player to play my collection of DVDs. Budget is under 15 K. Preferred Location - Gurgaon or Delhi NCR
  2. R

    SOLD Sony BDP-S1500 Blu-Ray Disc Player (Black) for Sales

    Age: 1.5 Yrs Colour: Black Condition: Excellent, used and watched only 2 movies Reason for Sale: Not using and decided to sell as I am using BDP-180 Pioneer Audition: Available at Bangalore, for local buyers Shipping: Can ship Ask Price: Rs 5,000 + Shipping Charges Full HD 1080 Connects to...
  3. I

    Best Region free Blu ray player in India?

    My cousin is looking for a blu ray player which can play blu ray discs from all regions. What would be his best option? Availability of apps like Netflix, Prime Video etc. will be an added bonus. Budget is around 20k but can be stretched if the feature set is good.
  4. Kannan

    For Sale Dune Hard Disk Media Player

    Up for grabs is a Dune Hard Disk Media player. The HD Max. in mint condition. Full control with android app Asking price 12,500 plus shipping, Prefer Chennai pick up though. Have original box and remote. Can include one 1TB hard disk in internal bay for additional Rs. 1000 Reason for sale: Not...
  5. A

    For Sale Marantz SR6008 & Oppo 103D

    Hello guys, I am selling my AVR & Oppo BD Player setup. The reason i am selling them as i have a plan to upgrade to 4K HT Please don't send half priced and low bowling offers, be reasonable. Thank you guys. Marantz 6008 Purchased in May 2014 Original carton and manual with all the...
  6. chandu2106

    4K Blu Ray Player

    Experts, Please help me in buying in 4K wifi blu ray player. I've shortlisted following , Panasonic BDT380GA (13K INR) and Pioneer BDP-180(19k INR) Both are having similar features. My requirement ...watching HD Movies in various formats like MKV,MP4 (size 7GB above)...n listening to high...
  7. A

    Blu ray player

    I want to buy a Blu ray player for my YHT 299 to watch movies. I dont have a 3d tv but in future maybe so want to be future proof i guess. Can you suggest any Blu ray player. My budget can be streched to 10-12k. Me at Hyderabad and early help solicited for a good buy in the festive season in...
  8. V

    Recommendations on Blu-Ray player with two HDMI outputs

    I have started my journey to land into the HD home theater world a couple of weeks back and I am currently exploring the options available. So, here I am seeking your recommendations on a good Blu-Ray player. Usually I do not upgrade my AV components for many years unless there are compelling...
  9. J

    Audiolab 8200cd Optical connection With Bluray Player

    I have just pulled out my old Bluray LG Player and connected it to my Audiolab 8200cd player via optical cable and the cd player is connected to the the Audiolab 8000c preamp via phono and Ive noticed when I play a cd with the Bluray it now sounds better than from the audiolab cd player, bigger...
  10. G

    Should I buy stand alone bd player (which one) or bd player +media player?

    Hello everyone Need a little help here and would be thankful for the input since I relatively have no idea whats in the market these days. I have a western digital media player (1st generation) which hangs sometimes but does the job and till now I didnt need a bd player since all My movies...
  11. noblejose

    Pioneer BDP-170 vs Pioneer BDP-450 vs Samsung BD-H6500

    Guys, Pioneer BDP-170 vs Pioneer BDP-450 vs Samsung BD-H6500 Which one is better? - I don't want that extra 4K and Smart feature of samsung as I already have a smart tv. BDP-170 is around 11K BDP-450 is around 16K BD-H6500 around 11K
  12. noblejose

    Samsung BD-H6500 vs BD-H5500; Audio decoding??

    I'm in confusion between Samsung BD-H6500 and BD-H5500 models. I have a 3D SMART TV, so no specific need for that wifi/ or SMART HUB features in player. When I closely watched the specifications, the main difference that confuses me is in the AUDIO department: H6500 has DTS-HD Master Audio...
  13. M

    Blu Ray Player for Yamaha YHT-196

    I have purchased the Yamaha YTH-196 home theatre ( YHT-196 - Home Theater Packages - Yamaha - India l) and have an option of getting either the Philips BDP2180 (Philips BDP2180/94 - Blu-ray Disc/ DVD player ) or the Samsung BD-F5500 ( BD-F5500 - TECH SPECS | SAMSUNG India ) free with it. I...
  14. A

    A/V receiver and blu ray player

    i am have gone nuts in past few days. i have a big problem. i have ordered yamaha yht-196 with samsung bdf-5500 blu ray player i am in a great dillema now, i did not give enough of consideration to the specs of audio standards in the beginning and now facing this situation, the yht decodes...
  15. J

    Please suggest a "cheap" 3D blu ray player that can play Region A Blu Rays and VCD

    Friends, I would really appreciate if anyone can recommend an inexpensive ( < Rs 15,000) 3D blu ray player that can do the following 1. Play Region A 3D Blu Rays 2. Play VCDs 3. Region free for DVDs 4. 220V rated. 5. USB that supports FAT32 and NTFS HDD. 6. FLAC support (not...
  16. V

    Please suggest me a blu ray player within $150

    Hi All, As my Sony BDP BX-18 blu ray player died recently, I am on a look out for a new BDP. My budget for the BDP is max $150. I am going to pair up the BDP with my Sharp 42 Inch Full HD LCD. I have a list of features which are must haves and some features which will be good to have...
  17. K

    Marantz UD5005 blu ray..great offer from hifimart but does it play 3d?

    Hi Guys, please help me out. Hifimart seems to have a great offer for Marantz universal blu-ray plaryer UD5005, its available only for 16.5 K!! However, its not clear whether it plays 3D out of the box or I would need to download the firmaware manually to make it 3D capable. Also, I...
  18. C

    Wanted Bluray player

    As title suggests, want to buy a bluray player. Budget : ~4K Location : Hyderabad Preferred Models : 1) Sony BDP-S380 (due to bravia Sync, and NTFS support) 2) Panasonic DMP-BD75 (Nice review I have seen for this) 3) Philips BDP2600 (Cheap) Existing setup : - TV - Sony Bravia...
  19. haisaikat

    Some queries on Blu Ray players

    Hi, I have a query regarding BD Players. How can I identify the following if not specified explicitely by looking at the specs of a BD Player 1. whether it is capable of outputting 7.1 or is only limited to 5.1 (over any output HDMI etc) 2. whether it is 3D (difference with 3D Ready and 3D...
  20. A

    need guidance to setup my home theatre system

    Hi all, a complete new comer to this group. I need some help and inputs in setting up my first HT system. My hall is fairly large - about 500sq ft and is T-shaped. With a 42" LG Plasma PQ70 TVin the middle. I am looking to setup a complete Home Theatre system which will play Blu Ray movies...