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  1. M

    Any Good Deals On 3-D Blu-Ray Players

    Hi all, I am planning to buy a Blu-Ray Player with 3-D capability. I would welcome advice on what to buy and where to buy. Any information on good deals available would be welcome. Regards. hi
  2. K

    Improving source content (buy/dload, online/offline)?

    Like most other people my generation, my source of movies/music has for a long time included only digital media on my laptop/drives. I've started upgrading my music collection from MP3s to FLACs, but for movies, the source of ripped movies stays the same for now. I know many people here...
  3. I

    Pioneer BDP-180

    Took the plunge yesterday and ordered the Pioneer BDP-180 model from Vector Systems in Hyderabad. Will be delivered in a weeks time. Lots of positive feedback for BDP-170 in the forum triggered the decision:D My needs were primarily DVD / HDD playback. I was initially looking to pick a DVD...
  4. V

    Do you have a Media player recommedation

    I just want a media player which can play blu-ray discs, HD videos, most common formats and Ultra HD videos. Any one have a good recommendation? Thanks in advance.
  5. noblejose

    HDMI from Blu-ray>TV and Optical from TV>AVR OR Optical from Blu-ray>AVR

    Hi All, I'm in confusion, Have an old model AVR which only supports Optical and Coaxial. What is the best way to connect it to my blu-ray, TV setup. I believe its better to connect HDMI to TV and then take TV Optical out to AVR?? :confused: Should I choose PCM or Bitstream? :confused:
  6. U

    Blu-Ray Player with Wi-Fi and facility to use Wireless USB Keyboard Mouse Combo??

    Hi, One of my cousin is looking for a Blu-Ray Player with Wifi and facility to use Wireless USB Keyboard Mouse combo. Primary requirement is to use the player for browsing, watching youtube videos. He is not comfortable with HTPC and does not want HDD media player as wants to use...
  7. V

    Need help for 3D Blu-ray player

    Hi Guys, I need your help to select the 3D Blu-ray Player. Please suggest the best Blu-ray (brand and Model no (India based model only)) based on experience and no. of format can be played. Do you know any Blue-ray player which support bd from all region. Many Thanks in Advance...
  8. J

    For Sale LG Network Blu-Ray player Model No BD530 (USA Model) for Rs3500 only

    LG Network Blu-Ray player Model No BD530 is available for sale. It was purchased in USA and imported to India in Jan 2011. It has been used for just 3-4 months( since we were out of country for more than 2 years) and is in excellent condition in its original box . Plays region A (USA)...
  9. prepress

    SHOLAY 1975 in 3D and Blu-Ray

    Last year in March (2012) I have seen a news (see clicked image) about SHOLAY (1975) that the 3d version is almost complete and should be released in August 2012 but not released yet. Again this news is hot and chances to release in this August 2013. I hope after releasing of 3D version they may...
  10. P

    Blu-ray drive vs. player

    Some cases have a 5.25" drive bay where I can stick in a BR drive. What are the advantages/disadvantages to doing this instead of buying a separate player? I do recall something about disc drives being unable to play protected content. Is this still true and is it a practical problem in India...
  11. baijuxavior

    For Sale Region Free Sherwood BDP 5004 Blu-Ray Player and Harmony 525 URC

    I'm putting the following two products for sale 1. Sherwood BDP 5004 Region Free Blu-Ray Player This is a great player which is region free for both blu-rays and dvds. I have tested region B disks (LOTR extended) on this player and they worked very well. Region can be changed using remote...
  12. Z

    3D Blu Ray on Smart TV - not so smart?

    I have recently bought a 3D Blu Ray DVD player - trying to play a 3D movie but it's not going so well. I have an LG LW 6500 TV and a 3D Blu Ray Sony DVD Player (BDPS580). It plays Blu Rays fine but when putting in my 3D Blu Ray and selecting "Play in 3D" option it tells me "your Blu-Ray...
  13. S

    Blu-ray Home Theater System for Rs.70k

    Hello, I'm planning to buy a Blu-ray HT to go with my Sony EX700 (KDL-46EX700) LCD. My budget is Rs. 70,000. Originally, I had planned to buy a Sony PS3 for Rs.20k as a Blu-ray player and buy an AV receiver and speakers for the rest of the budget. Now, after browsing the forum, I noticed...
  14. haisaikat

    7.1 DTS / DD Region Free Blu Ray titles

    Hi All, Wanted everyone's input in compiling a list of Region Free 7.1 blu ray titles in DTS or DD that are available on sites like amazon uk or elsewhere from where it can be shipped to India easily.
  15. M

    Wanted BBC Life Blu-ray set

    Hi All, I am looking for the BBC LIFE Blu-ray set. It either needs to be region C or region free. Budget : around 2K Those who have the item or a contact link can PM me or post back in this thread. Thanks, -Vasu
  16. R

    BD Player recommendation - Singapore

    Dear all, I would love to get your recommendations for a BD Player to be brought from Singapore. My budget is around Rs. 10K and I would like to get the maximum bang for the buck. My priorities are: 1. Ability to play as many BD regions as possible (if not all regions) 2. Failing #1, a...
  17. surendar

    For Sale Blu-ray Movies (Lot #2)

    Imported Blu-ray Discs Following imported blu-ray discs for sale. Price does not include shipping charges. 1.Wanted (Rs 1100, US Import, Brand New, Region free) 2.Tokyo! (Rs 1000, US Import, Brand New, Region free) 3.Forrest Gump 2 Disc Special Edition (Rs 800, UK Import, Brand New...
  18. P

    For Sale Rescue Dawn [Blu-ray]

    For Sale Rescue Dawn [Blu-ray] Region: Region A Condition: Brand New (Sealed) Price: Rs.1000/- shipped http://cdn3a.dvdempire.org/products/96/1369296h.jpg http://cdn3a.dvdempire.org/products/96/1369296bh.jpg
  19. surendar

    For Sale Blu-ray Movies

    The following blu-ray titles are for sale. 1) Black Hawk Down ( Sealed Pack, UK Import, Zone Code = A,B,C) 2) The Last Samurai ( Sealed Pack, UK Import, Zone Code = not mentioned) 3) The Fall ( Unsealed, UK Import, Zone Code = B ) The blu-ray cases has very minor damage in the top right...
  20. B

    Solution for Blu-Ray Mismatch

    Im from pondicherry.im having a sony blu-ray player BDP-S360. recently i got the angels and demons bluray (All Region ABC),but its showing region code mismatch. player is with india region code.the bluray is two disc version,the special feature bluray is playing but the feature film bluray is...