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bluetooth streaming

Wharfedale EVO4.1 Bookshelf Speakers
  1. HiFiManish

    Bluetooth for surround speakers

    Hi All, Need some advice on, following setup, if it would work: I’ll attach 2 Bluetooth transmitters to speaker terminal of AVR for surround sound speakers. And will pair them with Bluetooth speakers for each channel. So two transmitters separately paired with two Bluetooth speakers...
  2. P

    Sonodyne SBP 101 Bluetooth Receiver

    Hello Friends, Does anyone have experience using the Sonodyne SBP 101 Bluetooth Receiver? Sonodyne SBP 101 Stereo Bluetooth Receiver How will this be compared to Belkin HD Bluetooth receiver in terms of quality ? Any other suggestion in similar price range ?
  3. R

    Bluetooth Streaming from Laptop to DAC

    I have the following setup:- Monitor Audio BX2 Bookshelf Speakers Marantz 6004 Amplifier Musical Fidelity M1 DAC Presently I have my laptop connected to the DAC using USB cable and it works fine. I would like to stream FLACs from my laptop to the DAC using Bluetooth. Could someone...