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bluray player

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  1. V

    Philips HTB3520 PURCHASE OR NOT

    Dear team,my Bluray player philips 2180 loader damaged and repairing cost upto rs 3500/-.Now I have receive offer of philips HTB3520 IN Rs.4000 .please suggest that this purchase is ok or not.
  2. U

    If a player (CD/DVD/BDP) has an digital out does it still matter if is audiophile grade?

    Get a feeling by reading threads here that FMs "prefer" expensive audiophile grade dedicated CD players and frown upon consumer brands DVD/BDP players like Philips, Sony etc. But if these consumer grade players have a digital out (SPDIF/Coax) for audio then does it matter if it is audiophile...
  3. V

    Need suggestion about ATMOS capable Bluray player

    Hi all, I own a Samsung H6500 bluray player in my setup connected Marantz SR6007 (OPT). i know the AVR is not capable of decoding ATMOS tracks, but when I play ATMOS tracks, my Bluray player gives me an error saying it cannot decode the audio track. Now the question is, which bluray...
  4. A

    Any possibility of 4K player launch in India?

    Is there possibility of leading manufacturer launching 4K player any time soon? I'm looking forward to buy Samsung 4K player from Amazon.com
  5. A

    Best Bluray Player under 7k

    I'm planning to set up Home Theater consisting of Denon 2200w ,in near future. But my 7 years old DVD player stopped working recently. So I'm in the situation of buying new bluray player not more than 7K which should work better with Denon 2200w. btw I dont know whether Dolby Atom decoding is...
  6. A

    Purchased Pioneer BDP 170

    :):D Finally got my Pioneer BDP 170 and my 3 days experience is as below: Stereo output is attached with Norge 1000 connected to Pioneer FS - all flac files are sounding amazing from my 2tb HDD. Digital output in connected to Sherwood AVR - surround sound effect is now more detailed and...
  7. P

    JBL Cinema BD100 Not recognising 3D TV

    Hello All, I recently purchased a JBL Cinema BD100 Home theatre system (Blu ray 3D). I also own a Samsung 3D Plasma TV (51 Inch) (Model PS51E550D1R). My Player is connected directly through the HDMI Cable(1.4V with Ethernet and 3D Support) to the TV. In that excitement of getting a new...
  8. B

    Blu Ray player which can play .AC3

    Hi, Is there any Blu Ray player which can play .AC3 (5 channel) or .DTS (5 channel) audio Thanks in advance Ben
  9. M

    All in one Bluray player?

    Built in Bluetooth audio receiver Built in Wifi Internal hdd Good audio quality Good media player (If not 100% perfect Some function less ok) Budget no problem Please suggest best
  10. A

    Problem with samsung blu ray player bdf-5500

    i have the same bluray player. owning it for past 2 months. serves all the basic purposes, but as you can see the specs it only decodes the daolby standards(DD, DDplus, DDtruehd) but doesnt decode the DTS standards, rather it provides you with bitstreaming output for the DTS. but that doesnt...
  11. M

    bluray player advice up to 10/12 k

    REQUIRED Bluray player BUILT IN GOOD MEDIA PLAYER NED HELP FOR BLURAY PLAYER 3d NOT REQUIRED USB must play external hdd wav+flac /MP3-4 ETC...MAX IS GOOD it Must have DECENT Media Player Function FOR AUDIO Digital input Coax and or Optical(MUST) ANY 1 OUT OF THIS PANASONIC/SONY/PIONEER...
  12. C

    Wanted Bluray player

    Looking to buy a bluray player. - Looking for region free bluray player. Probably Toshiba BDX3200KE or Onida BDX1110. (Toshiba is region free, and Onida can be made region free for Bluray). - For region C, only looking for Sony S380 or S190. - If region C, should be in at-least 3-4...
  13. C

    Wanted Bluray player

    As title suggests, want to buy a bluray player. Budget : ~4K Location : Hyderabad Preferred Models : 1) Sony BDP-S380 (due to bravia Sync, and NTFS support) 2) Panasonic DMP-BD75 (Nice review I have seen for this) 3) Philips BDP2600 (Cheap) Existing setup : - TV - Sony Bravia...
  14. Y

    Wanted BluRay Player with MKV support. (region free if available)

    Hii. After my WDTV Live went kaput (Hdmi Not working) I am looking for a BluRay Player which can also play MKV formats through USB and possibly mod 'ed by chips or software.. Minimum Requirement. A. Either 1. Bluray Player (Preferably which can be region modded.--but not compulsory) 2...
  15. A

    onkyo 3400 or 3500 for 27000 is a good price..

    i receive offer from that onkyo 3400 and 3500 both are same price. rs.27000 what are the main difference other than USB port wat difference on technical and quality which one will i buy .. i am new to home theater and suggest affordable bluray player low cost..
  16. akhil7j

    BluRay Player or BluRay drive, which one to buy?

    Hi, I am thinking of buying a BluRay source component but confused which would be the best option. A Panasonic BDT-110 3D BluRay Player or a BluRay Burner for PC.? I have a HTPC with 4TB of space and connected with my 47" 3D LED via Denon AVR. If I buy Panasonic BluRay player then I...
  17. G

    Sony Bluray Player BDP S350

    Hey ppl, This model is has got some good reviews in US. I plan to buy it for my Sony Bravia television in India. I need to know if it is a right thing to buy this player in US and use in India. Do we have any region code issues with Bluray players? Are the Indian Bluray discs region...