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blurry picture

  1. J

    Help Needed!!! Focus issue with Epson TW 8000

    Hi, I was just playing around with my new Epson TW 8000 projector before placing it and found out that left side of the image projected is pretty blurry compared to the right side. I did some quick research on the web and found that it could be a defective unit or a firmware issue or lens...
  2. C

    Blurring (ghost) image in Sony KLV-32EX300

    Hi all, I am new to this forum, I have purchased Sony KLV-32EX300 just 4 days back. I am using standard cable from local service provider. Picture clarity on TV is not very satisfactory and very much lower compared to CRT SD TV. I am getting blurry and ghost picture in many channels. EYE...