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bookshelf speaker

Luxman Amplifiers India
  1. V

    SOLD Wharfedale Diamond 225 bookshelf speakers

    Putting up my Wharfedale Diamond 225 for sale. I bought them around 2 years ago. Have 3 other speakers (Harbeth, Spendor, Genelec) because of which this isn't getting used. Very organic, true sound. Works well with budget amps and dacs but also scales well with higher end electronics and amps...
  2. V

    For Sale Xavian Bonbonus v2

    Hello, Up for sale is my Xavian BonBonus v2 bookshelf pair. Bought from an authorised dealer in chennai, comes with original bill, box and accessories. 15 months of warranty left for the speakers. Condition is 9/10, there is a cosmetically visible dent on rear side of one of the cabinets which...
  3. mark2gp

    Car Stereo / Speakers for home audio setup?

    Hi, Long term member, first post ever. ME: Am an avid music listener, especially classic rock and jazz. Have built up a decent collection of tapes(!), CD's, mp3's and FLACs over the past two decades. My audiophile history begins with desi Philips and imported Sony/Aiwa stereo systems to...
  4. Michelangalo

    Looking for Used sub and Atmos speakers

    Hi, I currently have Polk RtiA7 as front, polk OWM 3 as rear and BiC America PL200. I am looking for a used sub to be used as a second woofer and Atmos speakers to go with the current setup. Strictly low on budget so looking for used. Any leads would be appreciated. thanks!!
  5. V

    For Sale Dynaudio Emit M20 bookshelf speakers (Sale Withdrawn)

    Selling the Dynaudio Emit m20 I purchased from FM Flux a few days ago. Sell currently for new on Hifimart for 80k INR. Comes with the box and packing. Top left corner has slight cosmetic damage as shown in the third pic. Functionally 10/10. No issues at all. Welcome to audition briefly...
  6. subhobh

    SOLD Quad S2 speakers with Sound Foundation Optimus speaker stand

    **Requesting mods to close the thread.** Hi all - I am offering my Quad S2 bookshelf speakers with Sound foundation Optimus speaker stand. This pair of speakers deliver excellent, engaging, detailed sound with the ribbon tweeter. I bought it for the duel (bedroom) setup but never used it in...
  7. I

    SOLD Micca MB42x Bookshelf Speakers

    Center Speaker is on hold for an outsider. Updating my thread again. Selling my 3 years old Micca bookshelf speakers. All are in excellent working condition. Micca MB42 bookshelf speakers with MKIII Crossover Upgrade. You can check Z Reviews and other expert reviews to know more about the...
  8. D

    Audiovector QR series

    Hello all, I was searching for threads and posts about audio vector speakers. Didn't find a lot. So started a new thread. Yesterday I went to audition quad s2 speakers but the dealer didn't have stock. Instead he played audio vector QR in wall speakers. I didn't know about these speakers...
  9. anirudhchandrashekar

    Wanted Bookshelf speaker setup for room

    Hi all. Looking for a decent pair of BS speakers to pair with my computer. Any wharfs or anything around this spectrum for sale? I'd love to checkout deals in Bangalore so I can go, check it out and pick it up. If you are parting with a pair of BS speakers then please do message me. Cheers!
  10. A

    Want a compact stereo setup with bookshelf speakers under 20K

    I am looking for a compact stereo setup with bookshelf speakers for my study room. The audio source will be Bluetooth or Aux. The budget is 15-20K INR. I want this to be compact and economical as I have a stereo system in my living room with Q Acoustics floor standing speakers paired with a...
  11. T

    Speaker suggestions for desktop - budget 30K / $500

    I am not an audiophile but an avid music lover. I primarily like Rock music, jazz, and metal and I like normal balanced sound slightly warm, not a bass head and neither can I stand the too harsh sound I am looking for a new set of speakers under 30000 INR or $500 then should I get a 2.1 Speaker...
  12. H

    Bookshelf Speaker to pair with Marantz Amp??

    Hi forum members!!! I'm planning to purchase a pair of bookshelf speakers to go with Marantz PM 5005 amp (Their entry level amp - If there are any better amp in this price range (22K) please suggest!!). I had a demo of Polk Audio S20, which sounded great to me. I haven't been able to get a demo...
  13. sumanhomroy

    For Sale Fantastic JBL Studio control monitor 4311WX-A

    Fantastic JBL Studio control monitor 4311WX-A in fantastic condition, no damage no repair history, it is hard to find vintage speakers at this condition- Type: 3 way, 3 driver loudspeaker system Frequency Response: 45Hz to 15kHz Power Handling: 75W Crossover Frequency: 1500, 6000Hz Impedance...
  14. C

    For Sale Canton GLS 2 bookshelf speakers (Canton Chrono technology with aluminum grills)

    I bought these speakers about 10 months ago. I have upgraded to a higher end speaker set since then. So, I am looking to sell these speakers for Rs. 35,000. Shipping will be extra depending on the mode chosen by the buyer. Please PM me with reasonable offers. More details can be found here...
  15. sumanhomroy

    For Sale Omega Super 8 with 8" Alnico magnet drivers

    Up for sell Omega Super 8 with 8" Alnico magnet drivers, this are unique speakers with 8" full range hemp drivers with Alnico magnets. The enclosures are made with bitch ply, the drivers feature aluminum baskets, and the drives are held in place with brass machine screws. Single driver speakers...
  16. A

    Wanted Small Bookshelf speakers for Dekstop use

    Hello, I am looking for small bookshelf speakers for dekstop usage (something like the audioengine p4 or Dali zensor 1 or Cambridge Audio Aero 2 etc). Would like local (Bangalore) buy so that i can audition them. Would be powering them with a 80w class d amp so should not be super...
  17. Kannan

    For Sale Akai SW-35 full range speakers

    Up for grabs is a vintage Akai SW-35 full range transmission line speakers from the jet stream series. It is in good cosmetic and working condition. It uses a Fostex FE-103 Alnico magnet full range driver in a transmission line enclosure design. Specs: Type: 1 way, single driver...
  18. V

    Bookshelves to pair with Onkyo TX-SR607

    Hi, I'm exploring options for re-using my US import Onkyo Amp (110v) with bookshelf speakers since the layout disallows any HT (3.1 & above) setup. I demo'd the following : a. Polk RTi b. Dali Zensor c. PSB Imagine I was awed by PSB for its soundstage & clarity, but I'm not sure the same...
  19. R

    Need Help!!...For a Decent Stereo set up

    Hello All First of all i beg your pardon if it sounds funny to you for the description below but am not a tech guy :o Am from Bangalore. All these days i was using my creative 5.1 surrounds and i know the sound quality difference between 5.1 surrounds and stereos. Now I am planning to get...
  20. A

    Any reviews on Triangle bookshelf speakers?

    I am strongly considering a bookshelf speaker by the French company, Triangle. It's a version of their Esprit Comete Ex model called Comete Arpege - not the same, but more or less similar I think. I auditioned a few other bookshelf speakers from Monitor Audio, Dali, Mission etc. While they were...