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bookshelf speaker

  1. N

    How is "Pioneer Andrew Jones SPBS 22 LR Bookshelf " for my Onkyo HT-S3400?

    Hi All, I would like to upgrade front speakers for my Onkyo HT-S3400 entry level HTiB. I came across Pioneer Andrew Jones designed SPBS 22 LR Bookshelf speakers under 10K. is that a good deal? will these speakers perform better than my onkyo supplied fronts? HTiB model No: HT-S3400...
  2. K

    For Sale Wharfedale Diamond 9.2 (Black)

    Selling my Wharfedale Diamond 9.2 Bookshelves (Black Color) Condition: In excellent condition, no scratches, etc Age: 4 years and going strong Reason for sale: Considering to upgrade to Floor Standers Partnered with: a). Marantz AVR SR5002 in Bi-Amp Mode for 4 years b). Currently with the...
  3. V

    Need help/suggestions for setting up my two channel setup

    Hi All, I think I am finally ready to set up a decent 2 channel setup and would like to get some suggestions from my forum friends. I have been struck by the tube magic lately and would like to set up a tube based system within the next 2-3 months. I will mostly go for a tube integrated...
  4. Rupam

    Bookshelf or Floorstanding Speakers: Which Should You Choose? A guide

    A question which comes up often in our discussion is : Whether to buy a bookshelf or a floor-stander ? Both, in terms of performance has their strength and weakness and many factors decide whether a bookshelf or a floorstander will be best for one particular room. It all boils down to what...
  5. P

    Planning to buy monoprice bookshelf speaker need some inputs

    I am interested in buying book shelf speakers and my budget is around 5k-6k.I know you don't get good bookshelf speakers under this range but I came across one brand "Monoprice" which is a very famous brand in US .It makes cheap products(including speakers) but they are of good quality(this is...
  6. V

    Wanted: 5.1 AVR and Bookshelf Speakers

    Hello HFVs, Looking for a used 5.1 AVR Budget around 10K (can stretch a bit) Bookshelf Speakers Budget < 10K Location: Bangalore Preferable Thanks, Vignesh
  7. Z

    Need advice on what Hi-Fi system to buy

    Hi. I am an audiophile. I listen to even the minute sound in a song.. I am looking for a small yet powerfull music system with Bookshelf speakers.. I already checked micro hifi systems from sony, philips, panasonic etc and im not happy.. I will be playing only audio cd's.. my budget is...
  8. G

    Speaker selection for HT Incremental Build

    Hi Folks, I got a Yamaha 673 AV Receiver (US version). Now i need your help for building my HT incrementally. I plan to go Front Speakers, Centre, Sub and then Surround in phases (when budge permits ;-)). 1) Whats the voltage converter i should use for my AV Receiver? 2) I have shortlisted...
  9. sjith

    DIY Bookshelf Speaker, Need Help

    hi, Need Help/Valuable Advices Planning to Build a pair of Bookshelf speakers what I have Foster 30 W magnetically shielded 6" woofers 4 pcs (planning to use 2 pcs first) Its from a Toshiba Projection TV while scraping a workshop in our are they are making custom speaker...
  10. A

    Stereo Setup for 25K

    Hi Guys, I am looking for a stereo setup to use with my laptop and PS3. I will be sitting close to the speakers as i am using them with my laptop or my PS3-24"LCD setup. My max budget is 25K. I think near field monitors will suit me best as i will be sitting close. I listen to Bollywood and...
  11. gsurya

    Chose: Denon AVR-1713

    After buying my Sony HX850 first thing I realized that the sound quality was worse than my previous Wega flat 29"! So I thought of buying a Soundbar. Soundbar I found the Yamaha YHTS-400 the best one under 50K INR in the Indian market, but it ran out of stock as it is being withdrawn from the...
  12. prepress

    Matching Speakers with Yamaha A-S500

    Dear Friends, I am thinking to upgrade my speakers: Amplifier for speaker is : Yamaha A-S500 (RMS 85W pc @8ohms, 120W peak), Attached Yamaha YST-SW315 (250W Subwoofer) Budget : 30-35K Room space : 12' X 12' Music Genres, Preferred : Rock, Pop, 70's-80's (Stereo Songs by R.D., Bappi...
  13. denzong

    For Sale USB Dac, Apple iPod, Behringer pre phono, wharfedale evo8 BS speakers

    Hi All, Selling the following. no low balling and no negotiations. if seller is out of mumbai then pays for shipping. 1. NU Force USB Dac. its about a year old. maybe used for 6 months. inside the cupboard from 6 months. don't have packing material but i am sure i can pack it the way you...
  14. D

    For Sale Quad 11L w/stands like new for Rs20K

    Quad 11L 2-way bookshelf speakers Glass & metal speaker stands Price: Rs 16,000 for speakers and Rs 4000 for stands (no negotiation):cool: MRP for speakers: Rs 36,000 Age: 4 years (sole owner) Condition: 10/10 Like new Local pickup only Reason for selling: Upgrade to Thiel 1.6 The...
  15. varunjh

    For Sale Edirol MA-15D Desktop Monitors

    Hi, I'm selling my 2 year old Edirol MA-15D Desktop Monitors. Have been lying unused for the last year since I upgraded to my current Topping tp20 + CA S30 setup. Had planned on using them with my TV and PS3 but didnt really happen. Tech Specs Speaker Units: 10 cm (3-15/16") Woofer...
  16. S

    Suggest a good Pair of Bookshelf Speakers for Denon 1912

    Hi, Please suggest a good pair of Bookshelf Speakers to go with Denon AVR 1912. Following are the Options I have in mind as per priority: Polk Audio Tsi 200 Boston Acoustics CS 26 Polk Audio Rti A3 Polk Audio Rti A1 This is because of a plan to purchase the AVR and the...
  17. K

    best bookshelves under 10k?

    Hi, Looking to buy a front ported bookshelf speakers under Rs. 10k. What would you guys recommend?
  18. B

    Availability of the following Speakers in Hyderabad

    Hi, I am looking forward to purchase one of the following speakers: Tannoy F1 Usher S520 Norge 1000 Paradigm Atom Monitor PSB Can anyone please tell me where I can get them in Hyderabad? Thanks a lot. Best Regards, Bob
  19. Flash

    Looking for Bookshelves under 70k

    Hey Guys I have decided to get me self a pair of bookshelves and use it for Pure Stereo. I will be using it in my spare room and it measures in at approx 11x15 I just started with Auditoning bookshelves. I know that some of u may point me towards floorstanders, I already have the...
  20. K

    Budget Bookshelf Speakers for NAD 3020

    Hi! As a relative newbie to the equipment side of Audiophile community, I need help/suggestions for a high quality budget bookshelf speakers to go with my impending arrival, a NAD 3020. Here is the equipment I have: 1. Audio Technica AT60LP Turntable 2. NAD 3020 integrated amp I do...