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Wharfedale Linton Heritage Speakers
  1. dipdawiz

    What options for book shelf, subwoofer and stereo apms

    Hello Experts, I need suggestions of reasonably priced bookshelf speaker (read below 30K a pair for a room 11x10x9ft), a reasonably priced subwoofer (same below 30K) and a stereo amp (no idea about the price, but should be VFM and comparable to other two). Need suggestions in details, long time...
  2. amit11

    Above normal height wall mount

    Hi Friends, Is mounting bookshelf speaker above normal height (wall mounting) a total no-no for stereo listening? In case due to furniture, floor and space constraints if we do not have space then what can be the option. Amit.
  3. C

    looking for home setup for Indian classical music

    Recently I came to know that there are so many options for the music systems for specific music types. Well, I'm interested in Indian classical music, Sufi, jazz and would like to have a good system to listen to the same. I'm very new to music and its technical knowledge. Someone told me that a...
  4. bigron

    For Sale Elac Uni-Fi UB5 Bookshelf 3 Way Speakers

    Hello Folks, : Putting on sale my few months old Elac Uni-Fi UB 5, 3 way book shelf speakers. I had these on sale earlier but had to withdraw it due to my non availability.Now I am back in town hence the renewed sale post. : These Andrew James speakers have garnered rave reviews all over the...
  5. S

    For Sale Norge 1000 gold with Mission 751 bookshelf

    I'm putting my Norge 1000 gold and Mission 751 bookshelf speakers for sale. Details mentioned as below and photos attached. Model : Norge 1000 gold + Mission 751 Location : Palani, Tamilnadu Price : 23k (negotiable) The price for this combo is very less for the value of this combo Reason for...
  6. A

    For Sale QUAD Power Amplifier: Elite QSP

    Selling my massive tiny powerhouse, QUAD Elite QSP Stereo Power Amplifier for sale!! amp is indeed a very well engineered product, very robust and a powerful one with a rugged scratch proof construction! This power amplifier can be paired up with variety of pre-amplifiers like...
  7. D

    For Sale Magnat Supreme 200 Bookshelf

    Magnat Bookshelf speakers for sale. Practically brand new, listening time 10 hours at most. Deep Bass and articulate sound and quite powerful for its size. Asking price is 16000/- or best offer. Item in Hyderabad. Shipping may not be possible given the weight and size. But can be sent to...
  8. D

    Bookshelf Speakers

    Hello, I am looking for a pair of not too expensive Bookshelf speakers preferably in Bangalore or anywhere in India who is ready to ship.
  9. S

    Any Dynaudio Emit or DM owners here? OPINION

    Hi Friends, Just few queries before my friend and i make our decision on this. Amp, source suggestions, Other comparisons, Opinions. My past: i have had TSi200, RTiA3 & A5, Q300, PSB B6, DALI Z3 with Marantz, Denon, NAD amps.. now I AM REBUILDING MY STEREO:licklips: Anyone out here could you...
  10. D

    Entry level/Used AVRs in Delhi

    I am planning to buy a new AVR and bookshelf speakers. I am considering the following speakers Boston Acoustics A26 - Rs 16000/- Wharfedale Diamond 220 - Rs 20000/- Where can I buy an entry level AVR (5.1) in Delhi for less than 20000/- for driving the above speakers?
  11. devilwearsprada

    Review : Boston Acoustics A26

    Note: This is an unbiassed/unpaid review of the BA A26. Purchase : I was in the market for a good pair of Bookshelf speakers which would give a good balanced sound. I listen to almost everything from Ghulam Ali to Tanita Tikaram to Eric Prydz. Gave a couple of stores a visit. Most were cold...
  12. E

    Review of BIC America Speakers

    I have not found any review on BIC America speakers and hence posting my experience on the same. Lucky for me there is a seller and I made time last Sunday to go and hear them. This guy stays in south Mumbai and is a family man.small place.approx 300 sq ft He has wall mounted the DV32...
  13. santosh4

    For Sale PSB bookshelf image 2b speakers

    Psb book shelf image 2b speaker mint condition for sale 100 wats single user. Bought for 45000, reason for sale is upgrading. It has a very tight bass in this segment and its front port. Aluminium ferofluid tweeters. Amazing clarity read the review and its only for serious audiophiles...
  14. G

    Shopping advice for a NOOB

    Hello all! I have been having this overwhelming urge to build a turntable, hifi system and have just started the process. I am brand new to the vinyl world but something is calling me to it. I think it's that I want to really connect with my favorite music and make an actual experience out of...
  15. A

    Choose your favourite speaker

    What are your favourite speakers amongst the following ? Where can I audition them in Kolkata? One more thing, can we mount bookshelves on wall? Polk Lsi, Rti A1, A3, A5, A7, Tsx 220B Kef Q100, Q300, Q500 , iQ 30 Wharfedale Diamond 220, 230, 155, 10.1, 10.2, 10.4 Dali Zensor 1, 3, 5, 7...
  16. Brajendu

    looking for Cambridge Audio S30 Bookshelf Speakers

    I'm looking for a pair of Cambridge Audio S30 Bookshelf Speakers, in good/pristine condition (aesthetic as well as functional) for urgent buy. I've got a Topping TP20 Amp which I want to pair with.
  17. S

    Please suggest a stereo setup under 50K

    Hi, My music tastes range from 60's pop to college rock to hindustani classical. Preference is to the vocal range of frequencies. The type of sound i am used to is what the cosmic amps and arphi/cosmic speakers used to pump out in the 80s and 90s. Since repairs for these equipments are...
  18. A

    Wanted Bookshelf Speakers

    I want a pair of Bookshelves Preferably Boston Acoustics A23/Q Acoustics Q2010-2010i to match with Norge 2060 Or Other Popular Ones only with 15 cm or less width In and around Mumbai Only:)
  19. K

    Reliance Digital Reconnect Active Bookshelf Speakers

    Hi all, I am looking for Budget active bookshelf speakers and shortlisted the Edifier Studio 7(128w RMS) a month back. Still available in Naaptol for Rs. 10k. Then there were good reviews about Genius SP HF 1800a(50w RMS) which is available online for Rs. 3500. Was planning to buy this, when...
  20. M

    Wanted Brand New - Cambridge Audio S30 Bookshelf speakers

    Hi all, I am looking for S30 speaker pair and I live in Kolkata. The CA dealer SKS trader is out of CA S30 speakers and suggesting SX50. However, I am looking for the S30 pair only. Could anyone tell me where can I find it, even if the dealer is in another city, I can get it shipped...