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bose wave music system

Audiolab 6000A Amplifier
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    Capacitors Replacement in Bose Wave Radio. Good Audio Repair Shop Bangalore ?

    A few months ago, I bought an old Bose Wave Radio / Acoustic Music System from the mid 2000's, with a Control Pod (rotary remote). I have it running with a Bluetooth adaptor linked to an old Android phone. Since the control pod has only volume control, mute and off, it is very simple for my 6...
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    Bose Wave Music System - Loud Squeaks, Squeals & Noises

    A few weeks ago, I picked up a old used Bose Wave Music System for a very reasonable price. The system had been gently used and must be a over 10 years old. Yesterday, I noticed that when the system is not playing anything, it suddenly starts making some weird noises - squeals, clicks...
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    Streaming music wirelessly to my Bose Wave Radio

    Hi, I intend to wirelessly stream music [read as WI-FI] on to my Bose Wave Radio III that has an Aux In port [3.5 mm female port ]. I am seeking your advise on what components I should buy to achieve wireless streaming This are what I have 1. Bose Wave Radio III with Aux In 2. Samsung...
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    Looking for a Clock Radio with CD player - Like Bose Wave Music System

    Hi, I am looking for a good clock radio system with built in stereo speakers and CD player that plays Audio CD and MP3 CD-R. I am looking for something like Bose Wave Music System - Wave Music System III. If any one has come across anything similar in India, please let me know. Thanks...