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  1. T

    New Earphone suggestions

    Hello y'all folks, hope everyone is safe during the lockdown I need all your expert advice (and I'm sorry if this is a duplicate thread, but I have looked at existing threads and there maybe an overlap, but my query isn't directly answered anywhere else) I am looking to replace my Gen1 AirPods...
  2. A

    Suggestion for Wireless Headphones

    Hi, hope everyone is safe. I am looking for something that can be used for roughly 5-10 hours daily, I usually play music from Youtube music or spotify (something like flac once in 2 weeks) My priorities are .. (most preferred being on top) 1)Sound quality ( good sound stage, not looking for a...
  3. N

    Capacitors Replacement in Bose Wave Radio. Good Audio Repair Shop Bangalore ?

    A few months ago, I bought an old Bose Wave Radio / Acoustic Music System from the mid 2000's, with a Control Pod (rotary remote). I have it running with a Bluetooth adaptor linked to an old Android phone. Since the control pod has only volume control, mute and off, it is very simple for my 6...
  4. seshboxhq

    New Home theatre setup advice

    Hi people, I'm building a dedicated theatre room in my new home which is roughly 13 ft wide and 15.2 ft in length. I know its a little small but this is all i had to work with. People in the city are suggesting all sorts of systems and it has got me confused as shit. Through some online...
  5. N

    Bose Wave Music System - Loud Squeaks, Squeals & Noises

    A few weeks ago, I picked up a old used Bose Wave Music System for a very reasonable price. The system had been gently used and must be a over 10 years old. Yesterday, I noticed that when the system is not playing anything, it suddenly starts making some weird noises - squeals, clicks...
  6. L

    Bose AV48 Lifestyle missing remote. Use app on wifi?

    Hi folks, A friend has a Bose AV48 Lifestyle system but the remote is missing. Is there some compatible remote that would work with it? Or is there a way to enable wifi on this system with a wifi receiver and use a smartphone app as a remote to control the functions? A detailed guide on how to...
  7. I

    For Sale Bose 161 Bookshelf Speakers

    I have a Bose 161 bookshelf speakers that were imported from US. Condition: Never used. Original Wall Mounts with out box Reason for Sale: Thinking of a good stereo amp for now. These were bought for surrounds Item condition: 10/10 Expected Price: 12000 Recommended to demo it if you are in...
  8. A

    Marantz SR8012 + PSB X2T + XC + XB + XA in 7.2.4 atmos config sourcing from KOLKATA needed.

    Marantz SR8012 + PSB X2T + XC + XB + XA in 7.2.4 atmos config sourcing from KOLKATA needed. Hello friends, Sorry for another thread. I am looking for authorised dealers here at Kolkata for setting up my atmos config with PSB speakers and Marantz amp. HIFImart has been regular source but not I...
  9. B

    For Sale Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker

    Hello guys, Up for sale is a Bose SoundLink Mini (1st Generation) in excellent condition. This was bought in the last week of July 2016 and is still under warranty for three months. It's an excellent bluetooth speaker for it's size, however, I'm selling it because I upgraded to a Sonos...
  10. V

    For Sale Single Brand New B&W 683S2 floorstaning speaker

    This was bought brand new specifically for the center channel but later plans changed. The speaker corners are damaged while shifting internally & this doesn't affect sound quality. Expected price is around 70k I am posting 3 images, but if you're really a serious buyer who don't waste both...
  11. N

    Bose bought in USA to use in India?

    Dear Friends, Need you guys expertise and experiance to solve this problem. I will be taking my Bose Cinemate 15 system back to India. I bought this a week back in the US. I was concerned whether the power rating difference will be an issue in India 110V vs 220V. I really appreciate if...
  12. A

    For Sale Fiio Q1 DAC+AMP , Bose Soundtrue Earphones

    Ola Fellow people, I am putting up for sale the following two items as i am upgrading my IEMs to RHA and I dont use the DAC/Amp much so would like them to go to someone who will do them more justice. 1. Bose soundsport earphones Quoting Price : 5000 INR age: 2 months condition: Mint...
  13. P

    How much can I get

    How much can I get for a Bose QC-2 No warranty, it was purchased in 2007 Only carry case and all accessories that came during the purchase Cosmetically the leatherette on the ear cushions and headband is worn out (practically non-existent) I am based at Visakhapatnam, Can ship...
  14. R

    HKTS35 Vs Acoustimass 10 Vs Elac Cinema 10 vs jbl cinema 510

    I have a Yamaha RX-V 479 5.1 recevier.. Confused on what speaker package that I can pick. HKTS35 Vs Acoustimass 10 Vs Elac Cinema 10 vs jbl cinema 510
  15. S

    Bose solo 5 vs Samsung J450

    Hello guys!! Any users of either the Bose solo 5 or Samsung J450. Please guide me in buying one. I prefer a soundbar to multi unit system. Budget is 15,000 - 22,000 TIA
  16. B

    Exchange Bose Wave III

    Well recently I have purchased pair of SONOS Play1 & in consideration with expanding to SONOS ecosystem I am willing to exchange my Bose Wave III system with Sonos Play 5. It was purchased two years before & is in excellent condition.
  17. cybervinay

    For Sale Bose - Panaray System digital controller II - Universal Equalizer - Active Crossover

    I am selling this Bose Panaray System digital controller II Although this unit is pre-configured with equalization for Bose systems, but there are some crossover points that are generic and work with 2-way / 3-way systems. I have tried it with good results. I am not using it for quite some...
  18. N

    Bose Cinematic ... Confused.

    My first post here, infact came to know about this wonderful website today only. Always used to think that there must be some forum dedicated to gadgets (like Home Theaters, TVs, etc) just like TBHP or BCMT. Coming back to topic. I was looking forward to buy BOSE Cinematic Series Sound bar...
  19. A

    Help me find the best ht solution

    I have a small room, and I bought a 4k tv (lg 49ub850t). Now I want great sound experience along with it. Recommend me a sound system keeping in mind that my room size is very small. it is 12*14 ft room in which i have a 6*7bed and the remaining 13*6 ft area is left for ht setup. the ceiling...
  20. RMCWS

    Which adapter converter and 3.5 aux for Bose SoundDock XT?

    My wife gifted me a Bose SoundDock XT. It is bought from US. (I will try to write a review later). The dock comes with a two pin (flat) adapter which reads as input 100-240V. So I guess the dock will run in Indian conditions. Pic of the existing plug is attached. However, I would...