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boston acoustics

Wharfedale EVO4.4 Speaker
  1. rainbowsong2000

    SOLD Speakers 5.0 - Boston Acoustics CS260 II, Boston Acoustics A225C, Boston Acoustics CS26 II - Reduced to Rs 20,000

    SOLD :Boston Acoustics CS260 II, Boston Acoustics A225C, Boston Acoustics CS26 II, bought in April 2018. Reason for Sale: I have upgraded my speakers. Location: Chennai. Price: Rs. 35000 Rs 20,000 Contact: PM me.
  2. Alfahath

    For Sale SVS SB-1000 , SUNFIRE D10 AND BOSTON CR 400.

    For sale - SVS SB 1000 in perfect condition. Driver | 12" Amplifier | 300 watts RMS (720 watts peak) Freq. Response | 24-260 Hz ±3dB Dimension | 13.5" (H) 13" (W) 14" (D) Weight | 27lbs Selling price: 52000. PURCHASED DATE AUGUST 2018. UNDER WARRANTY. Reviews...
  3. M

    First Time Buyer Bookshelf Speakers+Amplifier Recommendation Needed.

    Hello everyone, I am an absolute new entrant in the Hi-fi Audio world and to say that I am flummoxed by choices and terminologies would be an understatement. Nevertheless, I have a budget of 30K to make an entry as of now. ( I can invest more but with keeping in mind the law of diminishing...
  4. A

    Boston acoustics repair in Hyderabad

    Hi Guys, I have a boston acoustics soundware digital cinema 2.1 system. The subwoofer which has a built in amp has developed some issues. Anyone pointers on where I can get this checked or repaired in Hyderabad? I tried mailing the authorized dealer in india, mzaudiodistribution, but no...
  5. V

    Speakers for Corolla Altis

    Hi friends, Bought a 2012 Corolla Altis. It has six speakers, 6.5 components in the front and 6x9 in the back tray. Not happy with the sound quality and wish to upgrade from the stock speakers and do not wish to upgrade the stock Toyota HU, which works fine. Earlier when I changed in...
  6. M

    new home stereo setup

    Hi Guys, I checked out a couple of budget audio sets for home use. Oceanic Sound and Vision in Pune MG road are nice people and showed me one combination that I liked: DNM 2 channel out amplifier A302, ELAC bookshelf speakers B5/B6 (I dont know which) and standard CD Player/DVD player input. I...
  7. A

    BA Soundware vs Soundware XS Speaker / Digital Cinema Speaker Upgrade

    Hi, I have Boston Acoustics Digital Cinema system. When I shifted recently, the speakers got damaged and I need to replace them. Can I replace the Soundware XS speaker that came with the system with the larger Soundware speakers? I have put the comparison specs from the website below...
  8. A

    Boston Acoustics XS-Satellite as Rears

    Hi, I have AJ BS22 as front and C22 as center with Marants 1504. I am planning to add BA XS as Rear. Pair is available at htstore.in for 5500Rs. Can someone tell if these will blend with current setup ? Any review for these as rears. living room is small 10 X 12 with opening from left.
  9. D

    Receiver suggestions

    I recently purchased the Boston Acoustics a360 coupled with subwoofer and surround speakers.however I'm not convinced with my marantz nr1504. The connectivity options are also limited on it. Please suggest a good amplifier for my system. Would denon x1100 suffice?
  10. K

    Speakers for Pioneer 924

    Hi, I recently bought the Pioneer 924, mainly because I wanted 2 HDMI outs. Currently I have an Epson 550 HD Ready projector and using it with my 8 x 6 ft screen. In the future I am planning to buy a 55 inch 4k TV. Now I am in the market for speakers and my budget is less than Rs 25,000...
  11. M

    Please suggest a suitable 5.1 speaker system for Yamaha RX-V477 AVR

    Hello All, I am looking for a suitable 5.1 speaker system for my Yamaha RX-V477. Its an apartment and my living room is 12 X 12 - but without any wall on one side and effectively living room is extending to the separate dining area. I guess my usage of system would be 70% for movie and 30% for...
  12. B

    wharfedale or boston acoustics or Polk

    Hi, After reading several threads here, I've decided to drop the idea of buying HT-in-a-box setup and instead begin creating my own HT, and for that I want to know if I should go with boston acoustics or Polk or wharfedale speakers for my Marantz NR1504 AV receiver? Or Should I also consider...
  13. R

    AVR + 5.1 Speakers UNDER RS. 50000.

    I want to buy a system for under 50000. I want a system that will be very good while playing music as well as movies 30:70. I have pre wired my house for a sub-sat system. So floorstanders are not an option and dont hink my budget will permit. I had shortlisted on the denon avr-1612 available...
  14. G

    Pioneer VSX-323 AVR + Boston Acoustics Soundware XS 5.1 Speakers !

    Hey guys, So im interested in buying a Home Theatre After reading a lot of hifivision articles and reviews for different speakers and AVRs i have zeroed in on the Pioneer VSX-323 AVR with the Boston Acoustics Soundware-XS 5.1 speakers. Now Im good with sound but at the moment im not good...
  15. V

    Polk Audio set Vs Boston Acoustics

    Hi, i am new to audio video world and need help in selecting a good set of home theater system for my home. The area is quite big living room and dinning room are combined (Its a duplex house). I finally researched and finalized two options: Please help me in selecting one of the following...
  16. A

    Boston Acoustics A26 Review

    Here is the review of the Boston Acoustics A26 speakers: I will be doing it in parts, progressively. Basic Info Specifications: Frequency Response: 51Hz - 25kHz Recommended Amplifier: 10 - 150W Impedance: 8 ohms Sensitivity: 89 dB (SPL/2.8V/m) Woofer: 6.5'' Tweeter: 1'' Kortec softdome...
  17. B

    Another "Help me choose" thread....

    Hello everyone, Trying to decide on the various components for a HTS, After a lot of research and factoring in my budget constraints I have decided the following, Projector : Panasonic PT-AR100 A/V Receiver : Denon 1713 OR Yamaha RX-V473 Speakers : Wharfedale DX-1HCP OR Boston...
  18. M

    Floorstanding (vs / OR) HTiB (boston acoustics - Denon)

    Looking for help and your valuable suggestion for my Audio setup I personally use AudioEngine A5+ for my iMac 27. Now I need to buy good audio system for my home in India (my brother & parents are staying there). Now come to the setup The system will be mainly used with Tata Sky setup box...
  19. K

    5.1 for Onkyo TX SR-608

    Hi, I got a Onkyo SR 608 from US and I am looking for a good 5.1 to go with it. I have a budget or around 25k. I am leaning into Boston Acoustics Soundware XS but I don't see a store in Chennai carrying it. Can you please suggest if there are any alternatives to it or a way to acquire...