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Audiolab 6000A Amplifier
  1. A

    Defective panel on new X90H 55 Inch sony denying replacement

    Model- Sony X90H 55 Inch Country - Made in india [poor quality control] Bought a 55 inch Sony X90H from mumbai borivali west vijay sales, i got the model delivered last week, the installation guys did the installation and left in a hurry even as i said to wait while i check my PS4 and Xbox one...
  2. Z

    Double image problem goes away after 15 mins

    I have a Sony Bravia Ex330 In the morning when i turn it on, it shows double image where one is superimposed over the other and the distance bw the two images is ~5mm. One of the double image shows a slight discoloration. After 15 to 20 mins, everything goes back to normal and occasional the...
  3. T

    Sony Bravia W950C or W900B?

    I am planning to buy a bravia TV in 2 weeks but can't decide between these two models. both are priced the same for 43" and 50" models. The new 950c has Android TV and a sound bar(which sounded awesome on demo) but lacks local dimming and Extended Dynamic Range which was present in the older...
  4. mayhem

    Bravia HX750 successor - W802A

    Creating this separate thread so that there is less confusion in the W900 thread. Starting with a link to a review video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9-nhCCTqm2s
  5. U

    Sony LED vs Samsung LED

    Who do you think makes better LEDs - Sony or Samsung?
  6. MumbaiProperties

    Can the Denon AVR 1910 handle 3D ?

    Hi Everyone, Here is my current setup : 1. Sony 46 HX850 3D LED 2. Sony BDP-S490 3D Blu Ray DVD Payer 3. Denon 1910 AV Receiver 4. Paradigm Cinema 90 Speaker Setup 5. PS 3 6. TataSky Plus ( would be replacing it soon with TataSky+ HD ) 7. Logitech Harmony 1000 Universal Remote Just...
  7. N

    Remote sensor not working

    Dear Friends, I am quite disappointed with my Sony KDL 32EX650. I bought this 30 days back and mounted it on wall. Suddenly, the remote sensor is not working. Tried using the same remote on other tv and found it working. So, i guess remote sensor in my tv would have gone wrong. Please help me...
  8. haisaikat

    Sharing Bravia 40NX520, Bravia 40EX650, Samsung 40EH5330 picture comparison

    I went with my uncle (one of my very close friend's father) yesterday to assist him in selecting a flat panel for his living room, he would be upgrading from an existing CRT. While he was on lookout for more of a SMART TV mainly but our endeavor for yesterday was to select the best one out of...
  9. A

    HD satellite receiver for Sony Bravia 40EX520?

    Dear friends, i have recently bought Sony Bravia 40EX520 for my dad and i am very disappointed to know that it does not play .mkv files. Secondly, we have connected our old traditional Satellite Receiver with this bravia tv but image quality is not HD? May you please suggest some good HD...
  10. Rupam

    Sony Bravia LCD LED Extended Warranty advice

    Sony offers 2 years of Additional warranty (Its called Limited Extended warranty :lol: ) for LCDs for additional charges: For detailed pricing please visit website Extended Warranty I'm planning to buy extended warranty for my 32" LCD. Is there anyone who has availed Extended...
  11. R

    Sony Bravia EX520 LED TV

    My ex520 plays .avi files with external subtitles .....but the tv is not playing mp4 files with subs......pls help
  12. Rupam

    How to check usage hours of Sony Bravia LCD

    How to Check your Sony Bravia Panel Usage Hours From Remote Press Display (I+) 5 Volume - Power Gets you into the diagnostics screen which shows the hours. The bottom left 5 numbers are the hours Next 5 are boot count and last 5 are the lcd panel hours.
  13. F

    URGENT - Help to Decide a 32 inch HDTV

    Hi, I need help asap on choosing an 32 inch HDTV for my bedroom. My choices are limited to these 3 TVs from Sony and Samsung. Sony Bravia EX420 (LED) Samsung D5000 (LED) Sony Bravia NX500 (LCD) Each one of these are priced at similar levels. So I just want help on deciding the best...
  14. rajanvinod

    Viera th-p42gt20d

    Ok, I am stuck in this classic dilemma of going in for a TV set... Shall I buy LCD or LED or Plasma... Shall I buy 2D or 3D... Shall I go for 42 or 46.... And finally, shall I buy LG or Samsung or Sony or Panasonic... Based on lot of research, I have finally narrowed down to the following 2...
  15. A

    Sony 32 BX300??

    Hi Everyone!!! This is my first post.:) I've been browsing this forum for the past few days and found the answers to most of my questions. I am looking for a 32 inch TV for the bedroom. I've almost settled on Sony 32 BX300. There are some queries which Id like to be done away with: 1...
  16. A

    32" LCD Tv - Panasonic LX 800C , LG Scarlet LH70 , or Sony Bravia V400

    Hi Guys, I have gone through many threads available on this forum on 32" LCD Tvs. I have visited many stores here in Pune, and am still confused about which one I should go with. Please advise. I have shortlisted following 3 - 1. Panasonic LX800 - Has 100Hz, HD Ready, Pictures etc look...