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budget amplifier speaker

Wharfedale Diamond 11 Series
  1. wmxsk

    Incremental 5.1 HT build for my parents

    Hello all, SK here from Pune. I'm a noob audiophile. I'm here for your guidance. Background: My parents and my sibling have been using normal tv speakers. They have been complaining about sound not being loud enough or voice not being clear enough. I tried tweaking the tv speakers but to no...
  2. sabret00the

    ALTO Re-ICEing help needed

    Hi All, I know that there a bunch of ALTO/small car ice threads around but I created this thread since I'm in doubt about a few things. Issue:- Not happy with the sound quality of the current setup. Although the setup sounds okay at lower volumes but base falls completely flat and sound...
  3. J

    Stereo Amp Needed!

    Hello All, Recently got Bose AM3 set of speakers (I know, not the smartest buy!:indifferent14:). Already have an Onkyo 8255 currently using with a pair of Klipch (AM3 speakers sounded good with it but don't want to spend 17K for another of the same amp!) Heard the SONODYNE SIA208r but...
  4. sonosphere

    Norge-1000 amp with Wharfedale 9.1

    Norge-1000 amp with Wharfedale 9.1 & 9.2 Hi! Specially to guys looking for budget-system, After going thru lot of posts on this forum and search on web, I am done with the theory part and today ventured into auditioning things for myself. I hope my experience below will help other...
  5. A

    Advice on setting up new stereo system for Music only

    Hello Friends, I am another of those newbies trying their hand (ear) at hi-fi systems for the first time. I am looking to set up a 2 speaker (wall mounted bookshelfs prefered) hi-fi system with an amp for my bedroom. The music I prefer to listen to is soft gazals, semi-classical, hindustani...