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budget amplifier

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  1. N

    need help selecting a budget stereo amp to power q acoustics 3050i (a case of financial impropriety)

    with a budget of 30k in mind was lured by myself into buying speakers costing more than twice that (the various sales man helped me in this regard). now would really appreciate any help i can get in getting a budget stereo amp/ receiver that can power them. i would be using them only for music...
  2. subhobh

    SOLD Naim NAIT XS integrated amplifier with Naim NAC A5 speaker cable

    ** Stands SOLD. Mods - requesting please close the thread.** Hi All, Offering my Naim NAIT XS integrated amplifier along with matching Naim NAC A5 speaker cable for the nest match Here are some reviews and specifications/details: https://www.whathifi.com/naim/nait-xs/review...
  3. M

    Gainclone or budget amp for el-cheapo speakers?

    Hi everyone, After lurking around for years I decided to join the forums. I have been into headphones for years and have a collections of several headphones and headamps. However, because of the constant peskiness of the wife (who doesn't like leaving me alone and isolated with my headphones...
  4. D

    Budget amplifier for Sonodyne/Wharfedale speakers

    I am a total beginner in Hifi world, and this would be my first setup Please suggest some budget amplifier to go with these speakers. My total budget for speakers+amplifier is around 30k Sonodyne Sonus 1501v3 bookshelf speakers Polk audio tsx110b Wharfedale Diamond 121 Wharfedale...
  5. M

    amp for old pioneer hifi speakers

    Hi everyone :). I am looking for an amplifier to power a set of old pioneer hi-fi speakers (they are in very good condition and I really love the sound they produce :p). The main unit consisting of the cd player and the cassette player is wrecked & I don't want to get it serviced because I...