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budget speakers

  1. N

    a noob to speaker game, please be gentle, thanks!

    hello i may come off as very ignorant but i don’t know where or to whom to ask this question. For the past month i have been searching for a speaker to listen to when i am in my bed but i have been thoroughly confused with all the terminology and types of speakers - 2.0, 2.1, 5.0, 5.1, near...
  2. V

    Need Help with Blaster 2.1D by Astonia

    Hello Guys, I am planning to buy a good budget HT system, that gives decent performance, worth the money (and shouldnt regret it after buying it) I got a small hall (10 * 10) where i plan to use it Bumped across this 2.1 set in ebay.in Astonia Audio 2.1 Blaster Astonia audio Had a...
  3. F

    Stereo bookshelf speakers under Rs.15-30k

    Yet Another Budget Bookshelf Quest (Rs.15-30k) Yep, this is another shoestring budget BS speaker thread! However, as a bonus, it also includes some rather detailed bickering about my previous experiences with sound equipment. Amplifier: Topping Amp TP20 Source: M-Audio Revolution...
  4. H

    For Sale Used Altec Lansing FX5051 5.1 Setup

    Hey! I have an Altec Lansing Fx5051 5.1 Speaker setup that i was using, till i decided to upgrade and go into the "build my component" setup. I am hoping this sale and a little bit more of Vitamin M will net me a subwoofer The System is approx 2yrs old. I picked it up because it was Altec...
  5. A

    Help with budget speakers (strictly <10K)

    Hi guys, I had been blissfully watching movies and listening to movies on my AKG K701s paired with Fiio E5 amps. But, now that I am married, I plan to buy a TV (for which I am sure I'll need to scour much more of this expansive forum) and then a Home Theater afterwards. But this post is...
  6. Y

    Want to buy/ build Home Theatre System under INR 30k

    I plan to build / buy a Home Theatre System under INR 30K. I have short listed following options: 1) Onkyo 3200 HTiB - approx INR 25K 2) Denon DHT-390 - approx INR 30K 3) Harman Kardon AVR 133 / JBL SCS140 - cost ?? can anyone give feedback / recomendation on above or alternatives I...
  7. gap g j

    Centre & Surround spkrs less than 10K

    Hi I havn't purchased a AV receiver, I have finalised to buy Onkyo SR606. I have Sony Hi-fi VCD system which is 90w+90w R.M.S. It's speakers are very fine, so I intend to keep it as my front Speaker and later upgrade this one for a FS. And I have a LG 6" down firing powered subwoofer. I...