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AV Cables
  1. S

    Need advice on budget setup

    Hi guys, My initial requirement was to get a better sound than what my stupid 55" tv does. I thought of getting a soundbar and tested out a few of them and from there got a few demos of onkyo and thought going for the AVR and speakers. My use is to watch smart tv(youtube + dvd quality...
  2. M

    Used HTS For 6K-10K INR

    Der fellow AVphiles. I'm looking for a used Home theater system for around 6K-10K INR. I know it's too low for anything of a great quality or even good. But that's all I can afford. And I want it for my kid so that she can enjoy listening to Bach, Mozart, Hariprasad n Shiv Kumar Sharma :)...
  3. I

    Audiophile setup at budget price

    Hello folks I came across very interesting thread Audiophile-Grade Hi-Fi On A Budget Please add your inputs also.
  4. D

    Need help in building budget Jazz Stereo system for Rs.50,000 to Rs.60,000

    Hello HiFi'ers. I was active 3 months ago and i am back because I've been saving money using Recurring Deposit in my bank account, been saving 5000 per month for 6 months. I'm from Chennai, 22 years old and just finished my B.Tech. I was experimenting with my music tastes and found slow BPM...
  5. pratzgh1

    Replacing Z2300 Satellite Speakers

    Hey Guys, Revisiting the site after a long time and realised the fun I've been missing on. I own a Logitech Z2300 and absolutely love them. The problem is that they've aged and the satellite speakers gave up. In the midst to at least have some audio from my PC, I chose to get a...
  6. D

    Do i need to buy a external DAC if i already got a integrated amp + BS speaker ?

    Hello members, newbie here and wanna experience high quality music. I have like 100 GB's of Loseless FLAC music in my laptop. I have found a decent audiophile combo of Boston Acoustics A26 and Norge 2060 integrated amplifier. I've shortlisted these 2 components and the source will be from the...
  7. D

    Needed an audiophile music experience for budget?

    Hello, I'm a newbie into world of audiophile music but i just gone through entry level Hi-Fi systems for a wannabe audiophile like me. I just budget-constrained since im a student and need music for an audiophile quality on budget My current choice is ATH-M50X + Fiiio e10k DAC for 20k. This...
  8. S

    Planning to build HT component by component

    Hi Friends, This is my first post and I am an absolute newbie to world of audio visual system. In past I have bought HTIB systems and not really likes them, yet I repeated the mistake given the low cost involved and less effort to build anything. Now I am going on my journey to build my...
  9. MaSh

    Wanted Budget Integrated Stereo Amp

    Hi, I am looking for a budget 'Used' Stereo amplifier which I can connect to the Pre-Outs of my receiver to drive the Front Speakers. Would like the amplifier to be pumping out over 80 Watts per channel at 6 ohms. Not looking for an absolutely brand new stuff, however not vintage...
  10. G

    Shopping advice for a NOOB

    Hello all! I have been having this overwhelming urge to build a turntable, hifi system and have just started the process. I am brand new to the vinyl world but something is calling me to it. I think it's that I want to really connect with my favorite music and make an actual experience out of...
  11. B

    Closed headphone under 5-6K for use inside office

    This is my first post. So, hello everybody! I believe I have a modest taste in music and can discern at least some of subtleties. But I do not count myself as an audiophile. I do not have much knowledge about audio equipment. Scenario: Will be using with FIIO E10K (sometimes with...
  12. S

    Home theater 5.1 system finalization ~50k

    Hi All I am now in Kochin and looking for a decent sound budget system,since computer audio systems fail to impress me anymore.My main need is for music which is encoded in 5.1 format(ac3).I will play them from computer and pass it on to receiver via HDMI, at times some computer games(FPS). I...
  13. K

    Speakers for Denon X1000

    Hi, I am thinking about buying the Denon X1000. I have an Epson projector which I use primarily for watching movies and TV. I am very confused about the speakers to get for this setup. My room is 15 x 10 feet. My budget is around Rs 30,000. Should I go for the OWM 3 for all the speakers or...
  14. D

    Looking at budget TVs (~20K). Micromax any good?

    Hi Guys, Looking for a Screen. Expected to serve as: 1. Laptop display extension - For at least a year or so. Primary use: video streaming/surfing/photo editing(?) secondary use: Standalone (occasional) TV - to play movies/TV-series off HDDs. We do not intend to use it...
  15. I

    Budget projector

    Hi, Though on a small scale, I had a home theater setup at my home as below. Onkyo 3300 5.1 receiver and speaker system (Recommended by hifivision) Samsung 32" LCD TV (Only chose this small screen due to budget constrains) Samsung blueray player with internet streaming through LAN...
  16. B

    Advice for Buying Budget TV & HT

    I have finally decided to take the plunge and replace my old 29'' crt with a large screen tv, preferably a plasma as i want the biggest screen size possible. I am novice guys and looking forward to your advice. My budget is 40,000 to 45,000 for TV & 15000 for HT. No 3d required. No smart...
  17. Stevie

    Advice on Budget Stereo Amp + FS (Adding sub in 6 months)

    Hi Hifivison FMs, I have been following this forum as silent member for some years now and have learned a lot. FMs here are truly enthusiastic about AV & always helpful... After a lots of research I am now ready to spend money on the purchase of stereo speakers, amplification and cables. I...
  18. V

    Budget HT Less than 25k

    Hi Guys, A newbie to audiophile world. Want to buy a good HT Hall Size: 15 * 15 Music 75% Movie 25% Music mostly from Tata sky HD and little bit of carnatic music (My parents) Movies have a Sony Blu Ray player Budget around 25K location: Bangalore Went through couple of posts on...
  19. Santy

    Pioneer SP-PK52FS speaker package

    The budget HT speaker system from Pioneer, SP-PK51FS has transformed into SP-PK52FS. Finally those ugly looking metal grills are gone. They are replaced with detachable fabric grills (which could have been better again) -you can see the drivers now. Other than this, the sensitivity and XO...
  20. devilwearsprada

    Asus MeMo Pad

    Well,Budget Tablet Lookers, here is a fantastic Device: The Asus MeMo Pad has been officially launched in India with a superb price of Rs. 9990. The Tablet joins the league of Google and Acer. The Detailed Specifications : Asus launches MeMO Pad in India for Rs 9,999 The One amazing...