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burn in

AV Cables
  1. N

    burn-in image in LCD Tv

    Hello All, I have ViewSonic LCD Tv(32") which I bought in USA 4 years back and using it with Hathway cable as the tuner is not supported for PAL. It's working fine and no issues so far, but I observed yesterday first time my TV got 'burn-in' image of 'Set Max' (where IPL being broadcasted)...
  2. B

    Do you see Image Retention/ Burns in your plasmas?

    Of late, I have observed Image Retention and Burnin being primary reasons for people shying away plasmas. We are seeing loads of messages in the net educating on how burn-in no longer exist and how TIR is a non issue. But let us try to post our experiences in one single thread to help...
  3. M

    Plasma Burn-in

    I m in the verge of purchasing a flat panel TV, initially I thought of buying only a LCD, but after your valuable suggestions and auditions I changed my mind and started considering Plasma. Now there is only one thing I m not clear about Plasma, the Burn-in. I could find lots of literatures...
  4. madbullram

    Plasma TV settings and facts

    I am posting a compilation of various information I collected while learning about Plasma and also working with my PV8. Latest model Plasmas do not suffer from burn-in but its better to be safe during the first 100 hrs at least. Though this contains, PV8 info it applies to all Plasmas: The...