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buying advice

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  1. vaibhav007

    Best 5.1 HTIB system package under ₹50,000 (strict budget)

    hello fellow forum members. kindly suggest me the options i am having under the budget. I am aware the budget is just not good enough still i hope it will be something. the reason I am buying HTIB is that i just don't have enough time to invest and also patience to buy few parts now and rest...
  2. D

    Need a Turntable! Max budget 50K. Complete Noob in vinyls!

    HI, I was looking to get myself a turntable as I happened to chance upon some fantastic records bestowed very graciously by a friend of a friend of a friend. They'd happened to be cleaning out their closet and decided that there was no point hanging on to vinyl since all music is now available...
  3. S

    Thoroughly confused about which TV to buy (Variable budget)

    Hey guys, Right now I'm using a VU "Premium" Android TV which is thoroughly awful (would only recommend to my enemies) and I am looking to upgrade (budget around 50k-1.2lac). My primary use for a TV is gaming and streaming Video and I will be upgrading to the PS5 and Xbox Series X next year or...
  4. F

    Need Advice: 5.1.2 home theatre setup

    Hi Seniors, I am planning to buy my first home theatre setup. I have decided to future proof myself by buying 5.1.2 setup. Below are my doubts Room size: 11 * 15 ft 1. Should I invest in 5.1.2 or 5.1 is sufficient 2. Should I buy Taga Harmony TAV506 Taga Harmony TSW90 Taga Harmony TAV806S...
  5. T

    Advice on buying: Pioneer SP FS-52 speakers with Yamaha HTR 3067 AV Receiver

    Hi, This is my first post on this forum, and I would like to start with thanking in advance for any suggestion/advice about my query. Sorry if my post is too long or leaves out any relevant information. I will be happy to add or edit it if required. TL;DR: Does SP FS-52 speakers with Yamaha HTR...
  6. R

    Onkyo HTS3500 or Yamaha YHT-299?

    Hello BassHeads, I'm planning to buy an HTIB in a week. But I'm really confused between Onkyo HT S3500 & Yamaha YHT 299. I've seen that Yamaha's built quality is good than that of Onkyo. But my main concern is bass. Onkyo have a 8" subwoofer while Yamaha's is just 6". Did anyone compared...
  7. N

    Suggestion For Buying SONYW700B OR PanasonicTH-L32E6D?

    Hello Guys, I am confused for buying 32" LED TV. I want buy from following 2. 1.SONYW700B 2.PanasonicTH-L32E6D Is Sony maintain good viewing angle than Panasonic? Guys can you please suggest which is better?
  8. gauthamnaidu

    Tips and Tricks on BARGAINING/Haggling..

    hey guys.. i see a lot of posts here on how few make deals with the seller/bargaining lower prices...etc.. i have been reading on such stuff.. and today came across this.. Why I Love to Haggle (and How You Can Get Started) | Life Hacker India would anyone be kind enough to give us...
  9. A

    Buying Advice for WiFi Router :)

    Kindly help me choose a Wifi router. I'm a Hathway Broadband user (not a BSNL/MTNL user, so that rules out ADSL routers/routers+modems). I had some queries, hopefully someone can answer them :). 1. Difference between a N150 and N300 router? 2. Which one of the above to choose if the...