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Audiolab 6000A Amplifier
  1. G

    Pioneer VSX-329-K AVR for Pioneer AJ-5235XT Speaker Set

    Hello HiFiVisionaries! I'm not an audiophile. What made me land on this forum is the intense research I do online before buying. I don't posses any audiophine grade devises yet. I'm doing my first HT purchase. I'm aquainted with a HT dealer in my town who'll be supplying me AVR and speakers...
  2. E

    Buying decision , need Help for 55 inch LED or Plasma and which model

    Hello friends. I just sold my 40 in Sony LCD TV. I need to buy TV urgently otherwise my kids will kill me for Doraeman and wife for 'Big-boss' Please consider following points 1. I finallised Sony 46 inch HX 750 as its cost 71000 in grey market and thats what my max budget is. Its 3d...
  3. R

    Hello everybody...

    Hi All, I have joined in today as I find myself technologically backward. I cannot take decisions when it comes to buying audio/visual gadgets, infact any gadget for that matter!! Hoping here, I would get loads of feedback and would help me take the best decision! Thanks, Rachs
  4. V

    Query about Lenco Turntables being sold by Saregama

    Hi Guys, Saregama website is selling 4 models of Lenco turntables. The site is HOME >> LP PLAYER :: Saregama Does anyone have any information about the Lenco brand and, what is your opinion of the specs of models L3807, L78 and L81. How do these compare withe Denon, Sherwood and NAD TTs...
  5. vramak

    Choosing an HDTV - What's important and what's not

    DISCLAIMER: All content here, unless specified, is directly taken from the internet from reliable, verifiable sources aggregated through months of HDTV research. Some of the content is based on personal experience gained from having owned two HDTVs. I clipped everything I found during research...
  6. Y

    Newbie to Sound system needs advise on buying AV and Speakers

    Hi Everyone, This is my first post here and I am also new to AV & Speakers stuff. Although I am planning since 2 months to buy a new Audio system but don't know which one to buy for my house. I am in Mumbai and looking for a good AV receiver and also for Speakers (satellite) that would...