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Audiolab 6000CDT Dedicated CD Transport
  1. Flash

    Stereo Amp for B&W 685

    My Partner is heading to HongKong on the 9th for 5 days. I have asked him to pick up a Stereo Amp for me My Question is Which Stereo Amp would pair well with the B&W 685. ? This would basically be a blind purchase as I will not be able to audition the amps I am contemplating Marantz...
  2. W

    Hifi Setup Advice Needed

    Hello Folks, I'm looking to set up my first hifi. I've short-listed a few, based on reviews and forums, please provide your guidance. Amplifiers (prices in SGD): Marantz PM6003 380/- Marantz PM8003 680/- Rotel RA-1062 880/- Rotel RA-04se 440/- CDP Marantz...