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  1. cybervinay

    SOLD 4U Heavy-duty Indutrial PC Server Chassis KI-N409 Case

    I bought this for a building a NAS array using an existing motherboard but did not go with the project. This has been lying un-used. This is a huge and heavy cabinet and there are some scratches from storage. Check the pics for details The KI-N409 is a 19" industrial rack mount chassis...
  2. H

    Need suggestion about good HT cabinet (wooden).

    Hi All, One of my friend's kid spilled water on his Onkyo AVR and it stopped working. Lucky for him, drying the AVR using hair drier magically brought the system live. After this, I cannot take chance of my kid spilling water on my brand new Marantz 6011, currently it is placed on top of a...
  3. smedhavi

    Large DIY cabinet design for full-range speakers

    Hi, I am planning to build a cabinet for a pair of Audio Nirvana Classic 10inch full-range speakers with regular Ferrite magnets. This would be a long drawn project with years of tweaking and fine tuning. So it would be good to know what people on this forum have learned from their past...
  4. V

    Lovely speakers - any guess for measurements

    While I am searching for full range driver cabinet designs, I have comes across these lovely cabinets. Wondering if anyone can guess the measurements to build such speaker cabinets. source: Alpair Desktop Speaker
  5. H

    Help needed for building cabinet

    Hi, My entire HT setup was decided based on the opinions from this forum and i guess this should probably be the last one :licklips: hopefully. I'm planning to build a cabinet. Due to space constarints below drawing is how i'm planning to get it built. Please give me your...
  6. P

    Finding Fractal Design cabinets in India

    Anybody know if anybody is retailing cases by Fractal Design in India?
  7. P

    Looking for mini-ITX cases with ~200W PSU

    Hi, I'm looking for a case to house my mini-ITX board + CPU. I am particularly looking for a compact solution that will fit nicely into my TV room and I'm trying to specifically locate a suitable mini-ITX case for this reason. My estimated power requirements are under 200W. Could...
  8. HiFiManish

    My DIY Stereo Speakers

    Hi All, I have been following Hifivision and DIY forum for quite some time. Here had wanted to share my DIY journey till now, which I could make with inspiration drawn from other FMs' work and valuable suggestions posted here. I just completed 2 speaker sets which I am using as stereo...
  9. B

    Suggest HTPC config for 18k

    Hi guys can u please sugest a good micro ATX / Mini ITX Motherboards + processor combo form my htpc. M also looking at the iball baby 306 cabinet, can u guys suggest anything better, i want something which is side mountable. I am not interested in gaming and the mobo sould have hdmi out.
  10. haisaikat

    Slim HTPC Cabinet within 4K or less for micro ATX boards

    Hi All, I am trying to figure out a good HTPC cabinet for micro ATX based boards within 4K INR or even lesser. Following ones I found to be available online, need suggestions if there are better ones at lower / same price. It has be within 10cm for height dimension when laid horizontally...
  11. akhil7j

    My First and pathetic experience with www.TheITDepot.com

    I bought a new PC cabinet (Antec Sonata III 500) from Theitdepot - India's First IT Online Shopping Store and received it today only. The outer packing was really impressive and after opening, first thing I noticed that there is no thermocol packing. The cabinet was bubble wrapped. That was...
  12. gap g j

    Corsair Cabinet

    Hi Have a look a corsair cabinet The Corsair Dream PC—somtimes to do it right, you have to build it yourself. | Corsair.com gap G J