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  1. A

    For Sale Van den hul carbon digital coaxial cable

    This is a 1m. single VDH digital coaxial cable (not a pair). The model is the First metal screen. ThIs cable features a linear structured carbon center conductor and shield in addition to the metal shield. More details at: https://www.vandenhul.com/product/the-first-metal-screen-halogen-free/...
  2. amit11

    For Sale RCA cable - Chord C-Line

    Hi Friends, Putting up for sale a pair of RCA cable. Chord C-Line Had purchased exactly last year in Aug-2017. Cosmetic wise 9/10. (one point less due to aging, other wise very much new) Letting go for Rs. 2350/- plus shipping. (I had purchased for Rs. 3100/-) Reason for selling: Had later...
  3. amit11

    Optical toslink cable - mini on both sides

    Hi Friends, Is there any mini toslink to mini toslink cable optical available? I do not want to use the connector and attach, it degrades the quality. I have 4 optical cables. Blue rigger - one side mini and other side normal Blue rigger - both sides normal Stock optical cable which came...
  4. F

    For Sale 3.5mm digital adapter cables for FiiO, Chord Mojo, etc. users

    For Sale are these high end rare-to-find audiophile grade adapter cables for DAPs and DACs with mini 3.5mm coaxial digital sockets. These were procured by me from specialised sellers in the US when I was using Digital Audio Players and DACs with corresponding sockets. As I no longer use those...
  5. A

    Cables in same conduit

    Hi Friends, Can we put speaker cable in the conduit/baton with dish antenna cable?
  6. A

    Speaker Cable n RCA Cable for Marantz PM6005 + Dali Zensor 3

    Hi, Guys I am using In-Akustik Star 16AWG for my setup Marantz PM6005 with Dali Zensor 3 & it doesn't sound right & i am also using Moniteur RCA by Real Cable for my tatasky STB which is also not sounding not up to the mark. Can any one suggest me what cables should i choose and from where...
  7. anirudhchandrashekar

    Speaker Cable

    Looking for a low budget, high VFM speaker cable. Preferring terminated cables, otherwise will do too. Cheers.
  8. K

    For Sale A/V Accessories Part 1

    All these listed here were from my AVR setup, was collecting dust. Hope it would find use somewhere. Thanks for looking. 1. Speaker Cables DAC 14AWG - asking price 70/mtr 3m - 4 cables (these were used for bi-amping) 15m - 1 cable (was used for the surround, the other cable gave it...
  9. B

    Adive: HDMI Cable length

    Advice for HDMI cable(FHD,3d) for length about 30-35 feets. I have heard there is quality degrade when length is big? how big pls clarify. Also, Do you advice to have 25 ft hdmi cable + 5/10 ft extension cable? I am considering BlueRigger CL3 cables. Note: Cable need STB/Player to Projector...
  10. amit11

    CAT5 as speaker cable

    Hi Friends, I was curious and thinking to use a cat 5 cable as a speaker cable. What I have read is people remove the outer main covering and separate each wires. Then the braid/twist them in pairs or 3 or 4 or 5. My question is if we can do like this: Cat 5 contains total 8 wires. The...
  11. R

    DIY Subwoofer Cable Suggestions

    I need to make a subwoofer cable for running it in wall. I used regular coaxial cable RG6 (TV cable) earlier for a 10meter run which worked without any issue. I need to run now permanently a sub cable for around 12-13meter. Which cable should i buy? Also need some rca interconnects. Any place...
  12. W

    YK Chan / Audiophile Magazine Nov 2014

    Hello, I live in Hong Kong (sorry English is not my first language) and by far the most popular hifi print magazine is Audiophile magazine. Just got the November issue and the front page had Tara Labs speaker cables on it. I've never seen that before, it's always speakers or amplifiers or...
  13. G

    HELP needed with DEN DIGITAL Set top box

    hi i had until now an LG crt tv which worked perfectly with the cisco manufactured DEN digital set top box model 3410DVB.i recently upgraded to a panasonic 50inch FHD tv.i have the following queries from my fellow members: 1.can a single set top box provide output for two TV's at the same...
  14. S

    Connecting Composite Video to a VGA monitor

    Hi guys.... I am new to this forum... Help me out with this.... I have a spare monitor which I want to use as a TV... I do not want a tuner card thing... Is there a connector or an interface that can be used between my set-top box and VGA monitor... I found this product in Amazon.... Is this the...
  15. Z

    For Sale Kimber Kable's 8TC Bi-wire Speaker Cables ( 6 feet Pair )

    Brand/Model: Kimber Kable's 8TC Bi-wire Speaker Cables ( 6 feet Pair ) Age/Ownership: Around 10 Months / First Owner Condition: 9 / 10 Reason for Sale : Planning on getting something new. Sale Price : Rs 23,000/- including shipping Mode Of Payment: Online Transfer. The...
  16. RMCWS

    Spearker cable for rear speaker

    I was using these Sony bs as fronts with my yamaha 373 for sometime. Recently I bought sonodyne bs and planning to shift these sony bs speakers to rear for the time being. Right now I am confused as to what cables should I add to the existing cable of this speakers in order to keep these...
  17. V

    ICC Networks Digital HD cable service

    I could not find any information about ICC Digital HD service so, I am creating this thread where members can post relevant information. Website: Intermedia cable communication Pvt Ltd They provide service in various cities including Pune. I had a brief demo in their office since I was...
  18. P

    What are these speaker cables?

    Hi, I've got some speaker cable already wired by somebody else. I'd like to know more about it (see attached). What kind of cable is this? What is its gauge? How much will it affect quality? It certainly looks nice and thick. I don't see any branding or specs written on its...
  19. J

    QED HDMI Cables

    Have read a lot about these cables in hi-fi magazines.... how the performance? Where is it available? Need 15 mts lenght! 1.4!
  20. T

    A Repository of links to Myth-Debunking Articles

    Here's commencing the myth busting compilation. Would be great if this thread sees maximum participation and contribution of such links, links, links ...... FMs are requested to commence fresh threads for discussion on each specific aspect/link. That way, this thread shall be able to...