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  1. Santy

    For Sale Beresford Caiman Gatorized

    Hey folks My Beresford Caiman DAC is up for sale. Bought for GBP 200 + customs, it is about 2.5 yrs old. Not using it since last 4 months though. As you can see I took photos for posting in classifieds a few days back but didn't have the heart to let it go. But then, there's no point in...
  2. V

    Advice regarding DAC.

    Hi. This is my setup right now. iMac (all files in ALAC) >> Airport Express >> Cambridge Audio 650 A >> Mordaunt-Short Aviano 6 While Im reasonably happy with this setup, I cant help but think that the Airport Express is the weak link. Although he doesnt qualify it, John Atkinson of...