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  1. OM_2K19

    Everything about Audyssey Calibration that you need to know

  2. D

    How to set speaker levels on AVR ?

    Hi, I recently purchased the following setup: Denon X1400H with Polk RTi A1 speakers. My dealer has asked me not to use Audessy as it’s for home theatre rooms and instead set it up manually. Now I was reading some articles about setting the levels and all of them recommend to use a spl meter...
  3. V

    TV Calibration Services in Bangalore

    Hi All, Does anyone know if there are professional HDTV calibration services available in Bangalore? If so, how much do they approximately charge for calibrating a 55" TV?
  4. S

    Philips LED TV color calibration advice

    Hi, I recently bought a Philips LED TV model 29PFL5937. I downloaded the free calibration videos from the below thread http://www.hifivision.com/television/11390-free-hdtv-calibration-disc-avsforum.html I have been able to calibrate the Black and White levels but for the color...
  5. V

    Calibration of Plasma TV

    Can I ask a very basic question to the Video engineers here .. What is calibration of HDTV's? Why is it important? How does one go about doing it. (Mods - If there is a detailed thread on this, pls point me to it and delete this post) Thanks in advance.
  6. S

    Samsung LED UA50ES6200M Calibration Settings

    bought the Samsung LED UA50ES6200M from a sale in Australia. please point me to any calibration settings for this TV. Also, want to know the best HD DTH service available in hyderabad.
  7. Stevie

    Help - Calibrate Samsung ES5600

    Hi all :):) Just picked up a Samsung 40ES5600... I need help calibrating this set... Could any senior Forum members oblige...? Also, any recommendations for initial care... Thanks in advance, :D ~Steve
  8. S

    Bought Sony 40EX650. Need stabilizer, calibration and break in guidance

    Hi Folks, I just bought a Sony 40EX650 from Ghaffar Market in Delhi. The cost was Rs. 42500. I am really happy with the purchase and want to set it up correctly for maximum enjoyment. I request the helps from resident experts on this forum to help me with the following 4 queries: 1) Do...
  9. I

    For Sale Disney WOW Calibration Blu-ray

    Disney WOW Calibration Blu-ray available for sale. Brand new, sealed. Expected price Rs.2000/- inclusive of shipping charges with in India. I will be out of town this weekend. Hence if I am unable to ship by tomorrow. I will ship next Monday.
  10. K

    Panasonic P42V20 Vision Problem Callibration

    Guys, It has been 2+ weeks, I got my Plasma but I am not much convinced with the picture quality of P42V20D. :-( I know, I have not been able to setup video settings correctly, I tried lot many ways..I tried, True Cinema, Dynamic, normal, etc.. I changed colors, sharpness (doesn't seem any...
  11. S

    Denon 1611 calibration

    Hi Gurus, I recently got Denon 1611 AVR as process of building my HT system. I am using them with old sets of SONY speakers & SONY SA-WM500 sub-woofer from my previous HTIB system. I am confused on the right way to calibrate of my Denon 1611. If I follow the Denon setup guide then Sub woofer...
  12. vramak

    Free HDTV Calibration Disc From AVSForum

    Some guys at AVSForum have prepared an extensive calibration disc for HDTV's. You might wanna have a look at it if you don't have other calibration discs. I found this one easy to use too. With this you can calibrate brightness, contrast (and gamma if required) but to calibrate colours you'll...