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cambridge audio

  1. D

    For Sale Peachtree Audio Nova 125SE with a built in DAC

    For sale a beautifully maintained peachtree audio Nova 125SE with a built in tube preamp stage switchable with a solid state preamp. Max Power 125W rms @8 Ohms and upto 200W @ 4Ohms. It is a true audiophile amp with a very different sound. Asynchronous 24bit/192KHz DAC and excellent headphone...
  2. H

    For Sale Cambridge Audio CXR120 AV Receiver

    I am posting my Cambridge Audio CXR120 7.2 channel AV receiver for sale. I have to let this go as I am moving to a dedicated HT room with Atmos 7.2.2 setup so I need funding to buy a new 9.2 channel atmos AVR. I still have my old Cambridge Audio 551R AVR that still serves me well for my...
  3. S

    For Sale Cambridge Audio 340C CD Player

    Cambridge Audio 340C CD Player Location: Mumbai (Borivali-Dahisar) Purchased from "The Shop" on Dec 2011 Reason for selling: not using much as i have another CA DVD player Any issues: No issues with CD playing, No cosmetic issues but slight issue with eject button, works fine with the...
  4. K

    For Sale NAD 326BEE and Cambridge Audio Min21, X200

    Want to sell my computer audio gear, as I'm shifting to another state and don't feel like taking all my home audio gear along. 1. Amplifier - NAD 326BEE Integrated amp - a very good entry level amplifier, was used to power the Cambridge audio satellite speakers till date, source being my...
  5. A

    For Sale Wharfedale Diamond 121, Cambridge Audio Azur 351A

    Hey guys, Ihave decided to sell my speakers +amp owing to the fact that I will be moving out of India in a couple of months. If you reside in Kolkata, please pm me for a demo. Name:Wharfedale Diamond 121(pair) Type:Passive Bookshelf Speakers Price:14,000/ Age:2.5yrs Condition...
  6. S

    For Sale Cambridge Audio CD Player D300 special edition in mint condition

    CA CDP bought from fellow member about 5 years back is available for sale. Mint condition, working remote. Price expected: Rs 6000.
  7. M

    Gainclone or budget amp for el-cheapo speakers?

    Hi everyone, After lurking around for years I decided to join the forums. I have been into headphones for years and have a collections of several headphones and headamps. However, because of the constant peskiness of the wife (who doesn't like leaving me alone and isolated with my headphones...
  8. H

    Need inputs for AVR HDMI board issue

    Hi, I have a Cambridge Audio Azur 551R AVR that was brought over from UK. The HDMI in/out stopped working recently and I was given a quote from a Dealer in Chennai for around 20K and a waiting period of 2 months for them to import the part. I have read in other international forums that...
  9. A

    Suggestions required for audiophile setup

    Hi all , I am in the process of integrating my first audiophile setup and have decided upon the following combination after my own research and also inputs from some acoustic guys . However , want to run the same by y'all before i finally go and spend the bucks : Room Size : 12ft x 10ft...
  10. nmursekar

    audiophile grade integrated amp- suggestions needed.

    Hi. I am new on this forum. I had been following various posts since last year. I am currently setting up my 2 chanel system for audiophiling. This would be my 2nd setup. Fot HT setup i am having: pioneer vsx 1020k, lg bluray player, wdtv live hub 1tb media player, yamaha ns8390 floorstands...
  11. M

    Hi All - Mayukh from Kolkata

    Hi All, I read post over here and now it's time for me to actively participate and learn more. So, this is here I am. I will start with small stereo setup and I have bought a used Ipod, a T amp Topping TP23 and looking for CA S30 speakers. I did not find the speakers in SKS traders in...
  12. M

    Wanted Brand New - Cambridge Audio S30 Bookshelf speakers

    Hi all, I am looking for S30 speaker pair and I live in Kolkata. The CA dealer SKS trader is out of CA S30 speakers and suggesting SX50. However, I am looking for the S30 pair only. Could anyone tell me where can I find it, even if the dealer is in another city, I can get it shipped...
  13. vikramdesigner

    Wanted looking for dedicated cd player

    Hi , I m looking for good dedicated cd player in below brands one yr used. Marantz/NAD/CA/ArCAM/REGA. For basic entry level used :Budget 10k to 15 k For high end level used : Budget 25 k
  14. S

    Cambridge Audio??

    Hi Friends, This is my first post. I just sold off my Wharfedale Tower speakers as well as the surrounds because of space constraint. I have my Yamaha V440 as well as the Polkaudio PS505 with me which I intend to sell soon. I need to buy my speakers now. I just auditioned the Cambridge...
  15. haisaikat

    Wanted Cambridge Audio AZUR 650A stereo amplifier

    I need a Cambridge Audio 650A amplifier to drive my MS Aviano 6 FS for music. I have earlier heard this combination and know that it sounded very good. However I do not have the budget to go for the new 651A which costs 40K+. Hence I wanted to check if someone is willing to upgrade their...
  16. prajith25

    Wanted Cambridge Audio Azur 650A or 550A

    Hi friends, I am looking for CA 550A or 650A amp in bangalore. Please let me know if there are any good dealers who can give good offers. I am also willing to buy used once. An member upgrading or planning to sell, please contact me. Mob: 9632227992 Thanks Prajith
  17. K

    Cambridge Audio Azur 551p MM Phono Preamp

    Almost new Cambridge Audio Azur 551p Phono Preamp for sale.This can be used to connect a Turntable (Record Player) to an AVR or a power amplifier Only. Please not that this is not a HiFI preamp. I bought it to connect my turntable to an AVR that did not have a phono preamp. Now I have a...
  18. haisaikat

    Rega Brio R vs CA 651A with MS Aviano 6

    Hi All, I am on the lookput for a 2 channel stereo amp and have a budget of not exceeding 50K. One one side I have in mind the CA AZUR 651A that retails for 43K INR and on the other side I have Rega Brio R. In many online reviews I have seen that CA 651A beaten by rega's hype of course guided...
  19. K

    For Sale Cambridge Audio 540R V3 AVR

    Hi guys, Selling my 4 year old Cambridge Audio 540R V3 AVR. Reason for selling - my highlighted setup has become very movie centric, the CA amp was ideal for a music+movie scenario as it is excellent musically. Now I see value in upgrading to a HDMI capable AVR like Onlyo 509/Denon 1612 with...
  20. W

    Cambridge Audio DV99 with Edifier C2

    Folks I am trying to build a decent music+movie stereo setup. Earlier had decided on CA DV99 + Norge 2060 + Millenium/WF 9.2 speakers. The cost ran up >30K. But now I am severely constrained and cannot put in so much money. So I was wondering if I can postpone the Amp + Speaker buy for 6-8...