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Wharfedale Speakers
  1. G

    For Sale Cambridge Audio AM10 Integrated Amplifier

    Cambridge Audio AM10 Integrated Amplifier for sale. Mint condition with remote. No issues. Age around 1 and half yrs. No box. Shipping anywhere at buyers cost Selling price - 15k. Reason for selling - Moving to High end Amp
  2. haisaikat

    For Sale Cambridge Audio AZUR 650A Integrated Stereo Amplifier

    For sale is my Cambridge Audio stereo integrated amplifier AZUR 650A. It has served me very well since 2012 and still going strong although used sparingly. I am the second owner, purchased from another FM here named Robin Landanson from Tamilnadu which when he was selling was only 1 year old...
  3. E

    Wanted Decent Blu Ray Player

    Hi Looking out for the following Blu Ray player...either brand or model..in good working condition....Region Free would be a blessing..else Region A Marantz UD7007 Cambridge Audio CXU or older models... Oppo 103 or 103D Based on its condition and warranty availability (if any) and...
  4. H

    Cambridge audio 651a problems

    Hi, I have used my 651a (eu ver) for 3,5 years with some B&W CM1 speakers and have been quite satisfied with the sound and the general quality of the set-up. - What happed - Then yesterday my amp stopped working. I was listening through the usb port and the amp just turned to standby...
  5. haisaikat

    Wanted Cambridge Audio AZUR 650A stereo amplifier

    I need a Cambridge Audio 650A amplifier to drive my MS Aviano 6 FS for music. I have earlier heard this combination and know that it sounded very good. However I do not have the budget to go for the new 651A which costs 40K+. Hence I wanted to check if someone is willing to upgrade their...
  6. S

    Media Player Cambridge NP30 - few fundamental questions

    1. How is NP30 different, better (more), worse (less) than streamers like Apple TV and Roku 2XS? Is there a case to buy both categories? 2. I am buying an AVR, most probably Denon 1912 or 2312. Does it obviate the need of a media player like NP30? 3. If I buy a NP30 and connect to my Denon...
  7. T

    Cambridge Audio + BW Speakers

    <completely n00b question ahead> I am primarily going to listen to western classical music and after a few forum reads thought of purchasing : 1. BW speakers 2. Cambridge Audio - Amplifier - Receiver - Cables I want expert guidance on the following : 1. BW Speaker - which ones ...